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"I doubt that anyone would deny life in other places out in the universe if we found it. Even religious people."

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I snuggled up to him with tears as I was close to him. I didn't mean to scare you. I understood immediatly why there was 30 off.

ACM Kent Creampies Josh - Scene 1

I was thinking how odd it was that in the less than an hour jer were changing so rapidly. Just then I heard, "What about me???" The other brunette had been left out for a good while, so the two women suggested I watch for a little while. "I understand, don't worry about it.

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I still didn't know her name, cumemd she came from, or even if she was married. She pleaded, whimpering, whispering for him to stop.

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Arashikazahn 11 months ago
The president's freedom doesn't include him making personnel staffing advice - especially if it is motivated by his political or economic interests. His tweets and speeches support the former, and my suspicions support the latter.
Kedal 11 months ago
I found this in Wiki:
Moogurr 11 months ago
I was raised Catholic. It really is a bunch of lies. But hey if you like that stuff feel free but know the history of the Church and understand it isn't about belief it is all about power, money and control. Constantine understood that. One can't deny the history as it is well documented.
Yoll 10 months ago
Oh, you're trying to shame me! Your ignorant and fearful ancestors had 30 IQ points on ya, kiddo.
Meziramar 10 months ago
LOL. It took me a good minute to figure out what a 'caesar' was.
Zulkiran 10 months ago
And this is all part and parcel of our New Life in Christ.
Aralkis 10 months ago
One good thing about religion is that it can make one laugh. But, like a doughnut, I don't want too much of it served by George Carling or my laughter turns to anger at people's stupidity.
Zurr 10 months ago
There's certainly not much romantic originality in asking someone to marry you, after you've lived with them for 7 years. Frankly, I don't know why people who live with each other, as husband and wife, then finally go through with the act of marriage. Either marriage means something, which is why people wait to get married...or, marriage means nothing, which is why people don't bother waiting to get married, and just move in together, and start living as husband and wife.
Gakinos 10 months ago
Trump tariff will make Pork soy ,Potato will be Cheaper and the Farmers in Iowa and Idaho will make less money and then they will thank Trump for his trade policy .
Tara 9 months ago
Mar 9 months ago
The next three days I get to sit in a class for 8 hours a day wondering......
Aragore 9 months ago
There is a universe of evidence that supports a God hypothesis.
Nijas 9 months ago
We had this in one of our 'toolbox meetings', at work, last year. Nobody was aware of it. Deer ticks was the topic of another meeting.
Vudoll 9 months ago
5600 ft above sea level where I lived. 10000 at Sandia Peak. I had friends who used herbal help to gain additional altitude.
Zumuro 8 months ago
The foundations of capitalism.
Bataur 8 months ago
Lots of simple & complex equations equal zero. 7 - 2 - 1.5 - 3.5 = 0, too. This is in no way dividing zero into discrete units.
Kazraran 8 months ago
I don't understand that part of it either honestly
Moogurisar 8 months ago
That is why liberals are
Mazurr 8 months ago
I cant for the life of me get why a church would preach such hatred and negativity
Kagazahn 8 months ago
You don't know anything that Obama didn't know.
Vudoshura 8 months ago
You are really limber!! ;)
Gardara 8 months ago
I echo all that jussaying posted with an added caveat for you to mull over & consider prior to talking with your boyfriend.
Kazrall 8 months ago
Hey dumb ass, I'm not going to simply take your word for it. Clearly you are biased in that you want all illegals out, no matter what.
Shakami 7 months ago
Actually, I agree with you. The whole burden of proof rests with anyone who makes a god claim, not those who say, "provide evidence, please." I'm totally on board with that, even as I struggle to remain a theist, a Christian. I *know* that I cannot prove God exists or that the claims of our faith are true; I have to just assert that *all* faith claims are accepted in *trust*, rather than empirical and falsifiable evidence.
Mazugis 7 months ago
This line of concern could be directed at many religions, not just Christianity.
Mikajas 7 months ago
The correct answer is, "He hasn't been convicted of anything yet.", which means that he isn't guilty of anything, and you're full of shit. If you have to make shit up to push your beliefs, maybe you should look at said beliefs instead of worrying about fooling other people with the same dumb shit that fooled you.
Daishicage 7 months ago
In fact... you said the exact opposite! Well done. You'll turn into an apologist yet.
Malashicage 7 months ago
Yeah, no. And the race doesn't matter. She shouldn't have done this to any student. Whether or not she specifically did this to this student because she's black seems like stretching it a bit, but regardless, this isn't acceptable.
Dular 7 months ago
I agree the early years of a child?s life are so important. This why we need basic rules for
Mat 6 months ago
It is vastly different. Ill-advised Nobel Prizes have nothing to do with economics.
JoJojind 6 months ago
Here is a link to Right Wing Watch, full of stories of Christian Pastors of Hate who spew how Christians should have the right to slaughter others and put to death others.

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