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"The idea that the scientific method is the only way to truth."


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Shagore 4 months ago
Climate Myth: CO2 was higher in the past
Kasho 4 months ago
"They killed approximately 5% of the world's population. That's a cool 400 M people these days... so the US and Canada combined?"
Taugrel 4 months ago
If the gay person TRULY repents of his sins he/she will not go about stating that he /she is a gay Christian. This goes for all sins ..... I have never met a person who says that he/she is a fornicating or adulterous Christian! He/she will be ashamed of those sins.
Mooguktilar 4 months ago
the bible has never been independently verified and for that reason alone, it is a book that cannot be trusted for reliable evidence
Togami 3 months ago
32, but dress like 25 and mind of 12
Zulucage 3 months ago
Ok, I am done with this discussion. Trying to talk to Christians with positive proof their buybull is full of crap and so is their belief in the Jeebus Myth is just too silly. YOU can believe what you wish. But for myself? I gave up in believing Bronze Age fairy tales and lies a long time ago, just like I gave up believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
Maumuro 3 months ago
What's a 'closed' society?
Vudom 3 months ago
Yep. As long as the two women keep yapping.
Dougami 3 months ago
No.... Actually Jordan and Egypt gave the land to Israel...
Taugore 2 months ago
I invited less people to the church and more to the reception. The actual wedding was only for family and very close friends.
Vura 2 months ago
You just don't get it. if Adam were the first Hebrew, where and how did he learn Hebrew?
Dirn 2 months ago
There have been cases, albeit rare.
Virr 2 months ago
Well, you certainly get an A+ for presumptuousness. The truth is, you no nothing of me, and that is because you didn't even bother to ask. Instead you constructed a straw man and then knock it down, as if that is some kind of achievement. Well it's not.
Zulkisho 1 month ago
It wasn't all Christians. It wasn't even close to all. Therefore it wasn't Christianity that did it.
Mazudal 1 month ago
Laws (and I don't speak about heavenly resp. supposedly god-made laws but about civil laws) always trump personal convictions. So if the law states that no one shall be discriminated because of his/her gender, religion, sexual orientation, political views or whatever other lifestyle aspect, the baker has to abide. Or he may join the religious community of his choice and live resp. do his business in a closed community like the Amish, Quakers and other religious communities do...
JoJonris 1 month ago
this is my blocked list..... lol.....
Grozshura 1 month ago
"things popping into existence without any reason"
Guran 1 month ago
Anyway, well done on that. :-)
Maubei 1 month ago
And such is the foundation of faith.
Shajas 1 month ago
Yes, the NDP are socialists and should go back to Cuba or Venezuela.
Fezilkree 1 month ago
I'm posting the following as a short list of not-too-bright things some atheists say. Not all of them are really arguments, but there is an argument embedded in each of them. I'm not going to debate these points, I'm simply listing them.
Faektilar 1 month ago
Adolf in Heaven
Mikagor 3 weeks ago
When was god (I guess you need to specify a certain god) kicked out of science? As far as I know science has no comment on god or the supernatural, not because it may not exist but there is no current way to access or verify it. You might as well say magic did it.
Akinolkis 2 weeks ago
I think she maybe didn't understand the joke. It's one you would only understand if you watch old movies, or are old enough to remember the days of elevator operators.
Moogujind 4 days ago
Sadly, so it turned out.

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