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"You stated "Well we certainly do not follow the ignorant philosophies of the Reich-Wing religious right""


He wrapped his hand around my hair and pulled it up and out of my face as Fetjsh spun my head around and around on his delicious meat. Her chest hit the cushioned arm of the chair and she was momentarily speechless.

He was such a beautiful sight - so innocent and yet so excited. long and tanned.


"Ok JsmileYou go firstmake me want youxoxxo" Kelli shrieked as she translated what I had just said. I guess they didn't hear me come in and I watched them eat each other till they came, then we talked about how we had all had you.

Her husband stood up and started to undress. Anna put her hand around the back of her sister's head and pulled her in. She looked like the filthiest, most common streetwalker tonguing her enemies asshole while fingering herself.

Two mean looking guys took the helicopter back up and the two ranch hands with them. She said something about having a bunch of material to carry for the trade show, but I was agreeing long before she ever finished the sentence. She sat on the other end of the couch and I dropped to the floor, her husband started to jack Feyish again.

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Fetaur 10 months ago
Do *you* think Christianity is better than marmite?
Shaktigis 10 months ago
No ketchup, thanks
Gocage 10 months ago
So I shouldn't be able to walk down the street disguised as the Grim Reaper. The Constitution might have something to say about that. Now, care to cite a law prohibiting one from walking into a bank with a mask on. It's the law that governs, not your opinion.
Dourisar 9 months ago
Well, the OP provides information on archaeological findings. Are there any on Camelot too?
Gronris 9 months ago
He wouldn't have been. And you can say it's over all you like, but a) you don't have the authority, and b) it isn't.
Zulkidal 9 months ago
One who purposefully chooses to be ignorant about science in favor of religious myth.
Faegor 9 months ago
Ford Nation did not conquer Ontario.
Nagami 9 months ago
Yes... the Big Bang defies "Basic Science". Want to know why?
Kabei 8 months ago
Again, I wasn't in so I'm going by what they have to say. I don't think its fair that they should be held to higher standards but not be paid more. I would feel this way if it were me. I do work with a female Marine veteran now and she corroborates that the guys in her company worked a lot harder. Here is an article by a F. Marine --it may be a branch of service issue but you might find it interesting for further debates as you are a combat veteran yourself. Also, on the topic Thank You for Your Service. .
Gajas 8 months ago
has anyone checked Trudeau's best before date?
Kazrami 8 months ago
Ok, you referred to the original one. That has to do with understanding. I was not really "wondering what happened with this wisdom". I know.
Sakree 8 months ago
But there wasn't a flaw in my statement. Jack Philips was free to stop selling wedding cakes in his store and make it no longer part of his operation. He was free to shut down his establishment. He was free to get one of his employees to do the work.
Zulkizahn 8 months ago
Agreed. People are free to believe as they wish, and live according to their beliefs, as long as they don't attempt to infringe on the rights of others to do the same.
Mikazilkree 8 months ago
? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??
Arashigal 7 months ago
Oh you mean you need actual proof he said that. I thought you knew I just made things up as I went. I'm at work but it's easy to Google it but if you need me to I will Google it for you.
Kicage 7 months ago
What do you propose as a more accurate tool?
Mazugar 7 months ago
Laws against public nudity do not dictate the type of clothing to be worn.

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