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"Yes, you're narcissism is funny, because you have zero self awareness. You went from reasonable to narcissistic in one post."

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Afterward the preacher used to eat her out ever chance he got. For an easy hundred. " he responded.

"What do your parents think of-" "I would not know. " She clapped her hands together even as her large tits bounced in her low-cut blouse. She said with a bit of a grin and the look like she knew the answer before I responded and grinning even larger when I said "Yes".

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Mazut 3 months ago
Yeah her broad body resembles a male, but her face is delicate as a flower
Mirr 3 months ago
Gottabesaid, my posting history is wide open. In it, you'll find a multitude of references to how little I like Doug Ford. I can't fathom what possessed the PC membership to choose him, it just makes no sense. The writing was already on the wall about Wynne's fall from grace even while Brown was still at the helm. Why did they feel that a loud, blustery caricature of a man was required to topple the wicked witch Wynne? Could they not see how Christine Elliott (or, for that matter, Caroline Mulroney) would be more than capable of leading the party to strong victory? I don't suppose we will ever know why he was chosen over the more experienced and frankly better suited candidates. So the PCs are stuck with Ford ? for now ? and so is every voter who can't in good conscience vote for Wynne or for Horwath. They can stay home or they can hold their nose and vote for the PC candidate in their riding, hoping that, collectively, the PCs have enough competent and effective MPPs so as to balance out the detriment the party suffers through poor leadership.
Gulrajas 2 months ago
C'mon,'s common knowledge around the internet you're using rendered whale blubber to power your phone.
Dik 2 months ago
"I think she just only read the contract where it said initial 300 and got confused"
Kagagami 2 months ago
Opinions and talk - as in bla, bla - is pandemic and cheap.
Kazrami 2 months ago
There are so many facets to one subject or discussion. It's normal in our discussions to not only agree but bring up what is said from those people who oppose us. We listen to the arguments and try to get facts out rather than agree or disagree. Everyone then has a lot to think about. How many doesn't matter it's what they bring to the discussion.
Dahn 2 months ago
So when does "life" start?
Talmaran 2 months ago
If that were the case you would understand that all of scientific conclusion is extrapolation, as is almost ANY conclusion.
Yolabar 1 month ago
None of these were religious "debates" and weren't presented as such.
Kajikora 1 month ago
I think I'll try the 10% for a couple of weeks and if I see no improvement, exchange them for the 20%. They aren't cheap so I don't want to use them up if they aren't working lol.
Zulkibei 1 month ago
Personally, I think its a bit of a stretch. While the word has multiple usages, I think it is pretty clear that in the context of the Ten Commandments it was more along the lines of murder.
Shanos 1 month ago
The baker for our wedding did come to the reception, setup the cake display, and setup the cake for serving before handing off to the servers. They were at the event for about a good two hours.
Gok 1 month ago
My trillion different cells aren't all me. Each individual cell isn't also me.
Mazragore 1 month ago
I agree completely. But I think he?s talking not so much about the animal relationships as he?s saying that the ?design? is so poor that these relationships have to exist when they?re logically dead ends for the species involved.
Shaktirisar 4 weeks ago
I'm not even a yank and I know that the outgoing president is responsible for the budget till the end of the incoming president first financial year. In Bush's/ Obama's case that was that was FY2009 -- $11.657 trillion debt at the end of Bush?s last budget. In Obama's case that is $20.245 trillion debt at the end of Obama's last budget, FY 2017. That therefore has added $8.588 trillion, a 74% increase.
Malagis 3 weeks ago
if you try to kick people while they are standing up,, you could lose your balance and fall down.. [believe me, i know..]
Mezirg 2 weeks ago
dLet's call the whole thing offd
Doule 2 weeks ago
Disqus is used by Brietbart right? That probably explains where all the trolls come from.
Arashijar 1 week ago
I didn't claim all of them come exclusively for that. But do you have a different explanation for passing numerous safe countries? You are a reasonable person.
Kiramar 3 days ago
See, the problem with trite phrases like "echo chamber" is that you don?t know who, or what, you?re really dealing with or talking about.

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