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"You say there's evidence, yet only ever bring up the Bible, which is wrong. Why?"

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Millers this is Kiki". I knew it would keep them occupied for long enough, all wanting the beat spot.

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"Of course Berfest won't laugh; what do you want to tell me" he asked now very curious. I leaned back and held onto her hair while she worked me over. I also told her I was 26.

" "I realize you can't read my mind, or Colleen's, but we both care more than just an ass beating. Then he lowered my head down toward the floor.

Her name was Libby,she was a senior too, and she had an awesome body. Lewis sat Beerfrst the desk while Rachel stood behind her. The others watched and grinned. It was euphoric. She wasn't going to rape my ass.

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Shaktijora 8 months ago
So, anytime an atheist asks questions, it is trolling?
Fenrisida 8 months ago
The thing you speak of is unkown you cannot say what it is or even if it exists because it is not known.
Tygomi 8 months ago
False equivalence. St Paul tells us that he was a Pharisee of the Pharisees. Jesus hated the Pharisees. St Paul would have heard about Jesus who was famous through out he land because of his great and mighty miracles. He did not.
Zolonris 8 months ago
Procreation is a manner of creation. Your god wasn't necessary.
Tuzil 8 months ago
Theism in general? I have to be addressing multiple at once. And the monotheistic ones seem to go with a sentient omnipotent being that created everything, I?m pretty sure.
Zulutaur 8 months ago
So does every religion. Despite that, you only target Muslims.
Shaktiktilar 8 months ago
.... and yet none of them ever learn why they get tossed out to begin with and continue on with their antics.
Mizuru 7 months ago
Oh please -- could we put the Jordan Petersons of this world out of the room so that the adults could converse?
Mekora 7 months ago
My BF gets hit on at the gym all the time. He takes it as a compliment because "gay men are shallow and superficial."
Ganris 7 months ago
I was going to say religion gives false hope, but science also does quite a bit of that too, even if it is accidental with science.
Kagabar 7 months ago
SoS Oh right , thousand of tons of matter coming in from space and atmosphere being blown away into space by solar flares equals a closed system.
Gardalrajas 7 months ago
Before you can speak of a spiritual entity, you must first prove the existence of the spirit. Now, care to explain how you know what this Jesus of yours alluded to, if anything.
Kazahn 6 months ago
So give me a date and a reason why it would be soon.
Yozshujar 6 months ago
"Pappa Alinsky would be proud of you." I'm a libertarian.
Gardazilkree 6 months ago
Alright then- if you don?t think the sacrifice was a big deal I don?t know what to tel you.
Dujora 6 months ago
It is debatable whether it is innate or not. I am convinced that it is not.
Doulkis 6 months ago
wrong again, his actual contribution was just under 1 trillion, mostly to the ARRA and the bail-outs, Ask yourself where was the GOP, they did finally sign off on TARP, but that was before Obama took office
Takasa 5 months ago
Yeah, all of the originals are housed together with the original manuscript of Plato's "Republic", the original manuscript of Josephus' "Antiquities of the Jews", the original manuscript of Tacitus' "Annals of Rome", and the original manuscript of Suetonius' "Lives of the Twelve Caesars". I'm assuming you know exactly where that is, right?
Arashikinos 5 months ago
Just suck it harder ????
Shakus 5 months ago
I would advise that you lay off of bashing the moderation if you do not want to serve a temp-ban of your own, 3dogsreturn.
Kazigore 5 months ago
"I don't care that you have a Tesla or Audi. I don't care that you make six figures, etc..."
Voodoonos 4 months ago
Lol it was a mess!
Migis 4 months ago
No , just a special investigation. From here on out all presidential candidates will have one. It is a good thing.
Fenrirn 4 months ago
I don't remember any historic events where Christians arrived somewhere as refugees and robbed and killed the hosts. But even if that's true, what does it change in the story of Muhammad, Islam's perfect role model?
Dagar 4 months ago
Perhaps. In which case a jury would not likely convict.
Saran 4 months ago
You?re not an American so stop lying about it...
Nikocage 3 months ago
I agree, the interesting thing is why did little potato feel the need to tell everyone?
Braktilar 3 months ago
Well, those points just make your argument seem even more foolish and ungrounded.
Yozshunos 3 months ago
Actually God is real, but you are imaginary, as was ever thus.
Nalrajas 3 months ago
Just like he'll push the pee pee tapes and/or stormy clifford when the collusion fiasco finally gets shut down.

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