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"How do you reconcile the ideas that you think abortion is killing a baby, but that you also think people should be allowed to do it?"

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We were lucky that there was no interruption to ruin this hot session at the U of C Education Building. "Let me just finish this crap and we can take off for the beach hut!"" Timmy how about wiping my arse too ??" To be continued in Chapter 7.

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Kigore 1 year ago
Again - Assumption. Mother. Fuck-ups. And I also recommend you pay attention to the words we've all agreed to use to communicate. The OP is about the symptom, the freshwater diluting the salt water thus causing the warmer oceans that fuel hurricanes, not the cause, which is the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide/CO2 and other pollutants trapping the heat from the sun in the atmosphere.
Tygom 11 months ago
I am no stranger to panic attacks, have you been seeing someone about them
Mikagis 11 months ago
I have no idea why you posted that link.
Vilmaran 11 months ago
So muslimm aeithiest, agnostic all favor the decline in Christianity, because they are driven by resentment disdain and hate, why no mention of the Jewish? Is the decline in Christianty because of the beheadings, beatings, burnings, break ins, and the threat of violent crimes against them ? (true Christian wouldn't allow those things to happen)
Moogurisar 11 months ago
i think the goal is to increase our farms to counter any tariffs by mexico.
Zolorisar 10 months ago
I think you are reading what you want to read, instead of what she actually wrote. She never said anything of the sort, she said prior to Trump these people felt they needed to hide in the shadows, and after his election they felt it was ok to be out in the open.
Niramar 10 months ago
Votaur 10 months ago
My call that the Liberals would be wiped out was wrong: but your prediction was pretty close. No crow for you!
Mazuzragore 10 months ago
Tackles you in a hugggg.
Vunris 10 months ago
The people who wrote the gospels were anonymous, and do not claim to be historians.
Akinokree 9 months ago
I think they are trying to say that somehow such liberty will turn to extermination.
Gukree 9 months ago
i understand the voting rational, but it was the basis for those values that i was criticizing
Zulkigor 9 months ago
How about that Round Earth Conspiracy then, eh?
Shakazragore 9 months ago
I have mentioned this before, but if I'm in a relationship, and I'm on my way to see my SO, it seems like other women are more attentive, smiling, even flirting sometimes, and I notice it. But when I'm with her, I really don't notice that element. It doesn't really register.
Yozshur 9 months ago
He wants me, I just know it. I could tell by the way he said "stop kicking the back of my seat." It's true love.
Mautaur 9 months ago
Unfortunately "grey" is only possible with "black" added. So I will stay with white. Snow white.
Shakalmaran 9 months ago
Where did I deny facts?
Zolozragore 9 months ago
So, James Randi, as interesting of a figure as he is, is not a historian or an archaeologist, so I'm not sure why what he says about Nazareth would carry any weight for anyone (unless it was simply to peak some curiosity).
Yogore 9 months ago
Yep but was talking more like the heavier drugs, Insurance gives companies breaks for randoms
Mauktilar 9 months ago
To my recollection, yes. But now the ability to consent or not consent to your employer has changed. The balance of power is off in that dynamic. My guess is she is rethinking
Grokus 8 months ago
That doesn"t mean you can't be close and cuddly.
Jugal 8 months ago
OHHHHhhhhh Kayyyyy Now I am creeeeeped out. Some one who has not touched a keyboard posting on Disqus since 2015 JUST followed me... should I panick?
Mazusho 8 months ago
Let me dry his bank acc assets etc before he realize what hit him soo hard in a mental institution
Dailabar 8 months ago
Well ok so oil deposits in a few more years but you get the idea

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