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""Barack Obama ........did choose to celebrate Pride." He gave a big shout out to the Low Down Club."

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"Not half" he said and moved towards her. Even though Kristy told me it felt great after the first time, I didn't believe her.

"Hey guys listen" she said "I'm going to call Roger in California so don,t let him hear you two OK?" They put fingers overs their mouths "like mice" Sally said. They stepped into the shower and Timmy pointed his penis at Sally and started to piss hard aiming at the dung around her cunt and bum.

"You feel so juicy on my thigh. " Nate smiled and agreed. I slowly walked by him and turned around the corner towards the stalls.

"You're not going to do it for me anymore?" he asked, almost whining. I did not seriously consider an abortion, having grown up in a pretty solid evangelical Christian home.

He started stroking his cock next to me. Mike's rock hard cock was in a blaze as he ate his breakfast examining all of Cindy's features. Troy pounded my pussy like a jackhammer on the dining table.

Though I had to admit, the fantasy to be pregnant with Raaj's child turned me on crazily. "What are you going to tell them when you get back?" "They'll be asleep by the time we get back.

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Kazrazshura 1 year ago
how do you know meds didn't put me on the road to this folly?
Sham 1 year ago
Well, sweetie, if you're going to go low, don't expect me to not join you there.
Vunris 1 year ago
No it isn't invalid, in fact we understand it far better now than we have in the past 150 years.
Votaxe 11 months ago
While that may be true in certain circumstances, you imply to disregard mysticism altogether as hocum. Which is complete error.
Teshakar 11 months ago
careful my friend!
Meztikora 11 months ago
That would be true in the absence of the rule of law?we're not quite there, yet.
Kigatilar 11 months ago
Like the national anthem, or pledge of allegiance?
Moramar 11 months ago
Fair enough. So why didn't they have an impact on Islam?
Takazahn 10 months ago
Seems that the teachings of Jesus/God the Father/Melchizedek were quite simple and seems to show up in many religions.
Akira 10 months ago
But if you say "the payment is death: everyone gets it, no matter how hard they worked in the vineyard" then Dahmer and Hitler do get the same reward as Gandhi and Francis of Assisi.
Zolorisar 10 months ago
Ok. so, a nutter..(clearly) was threatening other people.
Samukora 10 months ago
Of course it is a lie. Nobody has ever died and gone to Heaven. They die and decompose. Graves all over prove that.
Dizahn 9 months ago
Seems to be the sensible way to take it.
Faelkis 9 months ago
being a former smoker i agree!!!
Grozshura 9 months ago
"I don't understand"
JoJokinos 9 months ago
They are walking Eagles, to full of shit to get off the ground....
Vudozil 9 months ago
You can do a lot with them.
Faukora 9 months ago
The U$ clearly has the highest homocide rate on the planet. It's also the flashpoint for progressive politics. Japan offers nothing to this discussion. Progressives focus on victims when a more mainstream vision might focus on the solution.
Meztik 9 months ago
Global hunger is over because I just had dinner.
Yozshushura 8 months ago
Not really sure how you jump from decreasing genetic diversity to evolution is not true. It?s amazing how a great body of work is created by many men being refined over time is not true, but yet a claims of private revelation being from God is spot in for you. Too bad you?ve wasted your hate for science fighting science.
Mikajas 8 months ago
And the biggest problem with the Ferrin crowd is that they claim the U.S. is just as bad (under Trump) as every Muslim-majority country around the world. Huh ? Do they know how gay men are treated in those places ? Then they espouse that the U.S. (and all the west) should become a Muslim majority. Is that...self-hating, or what ? I'm taking the position that young gay men in the west deserve lives free of homophobia, and I'm not about to compromise that by claiming anyone wanting to keep Muslims out of the west is an Islamophobe ( as if that's a bad thing). Ferrin took offense at that on Washington Blade so........I'll let others decide who they agree with here.
Kitilar 8 months ago
Why are these conversations always escorted by this type of response?
Disho 8 months ago
Almost all of the plastic that ends up in the ocean comes from a few rivers in Africa and Asia. If you want the oceans cleaner forget about plastic straws and bags in the developed world and start telling these countries to clean up their shit.
Nizuru 8 months ago
We always need one another. Without one another life is a selfish existence without happiness. And the highest form of being together is in the family. So God is busy with His Family also. A Family consists of everyone. God is the Father. There is the Mother. And then there is the Brothers and Sisters. It is about the Family. That is what Life is about. The Highest Joy, Love, Peace etc. is experienced with the Family. In the Family we find the Fullness of Joy. Without it Life is empty. A living for yourself in selfishness.
Faera 7 months ago
Not to forget the UK's neolithic Stone Henge, 20,000 years old human and Neanderthal bones, 30,000 year old cave paintings and 140,000,000+ years old fossils etc etc.
Maulkree 7 months ago
No, you don't have the right to try and discriminate against gays.
Kigashicage 7 months ago
I know this is a joke, but until I dated my current BF there were things i did not know. In the military women do get equal pay for equal rank BUT they had lower physical standards. Recently the USMC raised standards and more washouts are occurring-- 6 out of every 7 women are washing out of infantry (combat training) compared to 40 men out of every 1500. They still don't have equal standards but they were raised. Your tax dollars go to train people for a role that 90% of them are not cut out for. In no other business or field would we waste money like this just because someone wants to try something really really badly. So in the case of the military women get equal pay for less equal work. While that's not oppression--first world problems and all. It is an example of an area where men are consistently made to do more than their female counterparts and when they complain are told they're being babies. I don't know about you but playing with my money is like playing with my emotions. It's not being a baby to say "What's up with this?" Imagine Merryl Streep making less money than Pierce Brosnan for Mama Mia. If she complained people wouldn't call her a baby.
Kazragis 7 months ago
Secular Europe? You mean the Europe with all the state-established chuches, and church taxes, and church schools? I'd say on the whole, secular Europe is faring less well than secular America, which is actually secular.
Daishura 7 months ago
At some point, we would have to give up meat, if the planet did not allow us to farm. I hope that you are not advocating that when all 'grandma' die, that we raise people to only procreate and be good to eat when they die.
Goltirg 7 months ago
I don't need reality. Science has already handed it to me. Your literalism is putting reality-shades over your dogmatic eyes.
Dogar 7 months ago
And where did you find a benevolent ruler in the Bible? Is it in a sequel?
Fesar 7 months ago
Credible Catholic, hardly mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific sites.

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