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Shaft Ring Harness 2 - Commentary of a shaft ring and a dry orgasm

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Samugami 7 months ago
As an atheist I have no problem accepting the majority opinion that a town named Nazareth existed. That fact is almost meaningless to the supernatural claims.
Gardajind 7 months ago
Because I changed them and I got confused
Katilar 7 months ago
Can you source that?
Kigalkree 7 months ago
I agree. The Supreme Court went as far as to describe the general rule to be followed (in favor of the gay claimaints) but decided to reverse the decision because the Baker had been treated unfairly by the Civil Rights Commission. This is not a sweeping pronouncement of any kind.
Nikogis 6 months ago
Go ahead, but make sure to finance your decisions with your own Euro's
Mokree 6 months ago
Most pathetic post of the week. Congratulations.
Malakree 6 months ago
Because it isn?t my responsibility to ensure that you posses basic and readily available information on a subject you chose to discuss.
Dalkree 6 months ago
That?s subjective, and an insult isn?t necessary for most people to completely miss the content of the message and respond with a completely irrelevant comment.
Tujind 6 months ago
Species evolve. And the theory explains how they evolve with evidence.
Zulkigami 6 months ago
I?m non binary don?t ever assume my gender
Dijinn 6 months ago
You asked for my definition of "etc." and I gave it to you.
Dougar 6 months ago
You really don?t know much about Catholics do ya?
Goltiramar 6 months ago
"Oldest ruins etc are about 4500 years or so."
Daizahn 5 months ago
Whoa. That's a lot of assumption there.
Dazshura 5 months ago
That's already been done and it's failed miserably. Forget it.
Gardaramar 5 months ago
it's a fine line. Because with women, usually they haven't changed their mind-they just are tired of being pushed or don't want to argue.
Negore 4 months ago
can you provide an example?
Dugis 4 months ago
Evolution proves itself false.
Tosar 4 months ago
Poo on you!
Nishakar 4 months ago
If the baker stays, does the florist, the tuxedo man, the wedding dress people? Just curious
Kihn 4 months ago
One whose harmful prejudice is quite difficult to refute.
Kigazuru 3 months ago
Y'all saying this next year?
Daimi 3 months ago
If you count up the dead bodies from atheist communists, that figure is awfully high. I would wager much higher than Muslims over the past 100 years. But as for the number of atheists, the percentage of the world population who claim no belief in "God", assuming all those Chinese are atheists, that is a high figure.
Mazulabar 3 months ago
Why do you think they call them 'spirits' Open your senses. Our physical world is but one of many realms.
Tashura 3 months ago
There are 44,000+ Protestant denominations. To every brand of 'Christian', there is another Christian who they deem a heretic.
Zuluzilkree 3 months ago
Think Beatrice might beat her to it. Lol
Monos 3 months ago
Are you suggesting that they stop at the first safe country past their border? What obligation do they have to do that?
Jugal 2 months ago
Really? Can you point me to examples of the fortress mentalities being named and spoken against in contemporary Christian material? The fortress mindset is either very prevalent or very, very loud. :)
Zuktilar 2 months ago
It?s a real thing!
Arashizragore 2 months ago
God's actions are always Right and Fair. He gives FREE will and Amazing Grace, He made a way for us to come to Him.
Vit 2 months ago
So in your mind Hitler was not a Nazi?
Kazigar 2 months ago
A normal president would be at 60% plus with this economy after one year.
Tygomuro 2 months ago
Not my business what somebody's bedroom habits are, so long as it's consensual.
Mazunris 2 months ago
Humming a Michael Bolton song...

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