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"What's false about the claim? And what is your alternative? What is the truth in your mind?"

BrotherSister Game Show Spikespen Part 3

I walked in none the less in some basketball shorts, which was usually all I wore around the house. We we're having a good conversation about her mum's boyfriend and she is very open about things, so she said.

She was all alone at her apartment and it was Friday night. But he had the perfect job for a man-a servant. As I stared at it, it went through my mind that he might have pumped it up with a vacuum pump before he came to the washroom.

" "Well, it's only coz I didn't want my room psinfull of the shit. What were you even thinking.

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Nagis 11 months ago
I am trying to ignore how off topic and inflammatory you are being by saying that though. I know what that is but that is so different from everything I am saying that it is desperate and insulting. Women who get abortions are Nazis because fetuses are of the human species.
Vogul 11 months ago
Dumpster fire lol
Banris 10 months ago
You haven't started to date, why start now?
Shakalabar 10 months ago
You are wilfully ignoring my comments.
Mezirg 10 months ago
Is he a good dad to your children at least? If not, then I don?t see the worth in staying.
Kektilar 10 months ago
Well, I use reason and common sense:
Tygora 10 months ago
Easy there. This is a family channel.
Mikajar 10 months ago
What drove you to Agnosticism?
Arakree 9 months ago
If that is the case, you are with the wrong person to begin with. Do them a favor and set them free!
Kajisida 9 months ago
There is no way to consolidate everything that is in the bible. You must heavily reinterpret or dismiss something. What better way to do that than on the basis of the self-proclaimed most important rule? From all interpretations I've heard this is one of the most sound.
Groramar 9 months ago
Don't give eaves a free pass e health was his problem to begin with ( to the tune of approx. 400M) and he wasn't lilly white on ornge
Meztishura 9 months ago
Maybe for you, you can not say for me.
Tozragore 9 months ago
The only knowledge available is from humans and it needs to be independently corroborated because humans lie, make mistakes, can be deluded, etc. In other words, excuse me if I don't take your word for anything.
Voodoosar 9 months ago
Not true. It has played one of the strongest roles in the concept of equality, for example.
Kazirg 9 months ago
I suspect religiosity is a second, third or even fourth level factor in mass shootings.
Torisar 8 months ago
So Helmut Newton was a pornographer?
Mazushicage 8 months ago
That is completely irrelevant. I am not going to segway into a different topic, I am talking about the beginning of the universe. Or what is referred 'the big bang.' You can quit the arrogant attitude if you want to continue the discussion, man.
Malale 8 months ago
It?s a shame there are so many school shootings it?s hard to keep track of them all
Gagal 8 months ago
Oh boy. Do you realize all the destruction to the earths biodiversity to supply jobs, housing and food and products for humans to consume? How about the islands of garbage in the oceans? How about dead zones in the ocean from pollution run off in Rivers?s? How about the acidification of the oceans?
Gardarr 8 months ago
Racism is the projection from the left as related to not wanting hordes of unvetted Muslim refugees in the country, and not supporting illegal immigration. See how well it's working in Europe. They are funding their own demise this time around rather than an external attack as the invasion was last time.
Motaur 8 months ago
OK, lets go back in time, back to the moment of the big bang about 14 billion years ago. There is no Universe, there are no quantum particles... Right?
Zolole 7 months ago
If we are all god, why do we need god?
Nigal 7 months ago
I see beyond just a change of mind.
Zolobar 7 months ago
Stay gutsy! Just stick to the soft targets, eh? ??
Kazisho 7 months ago
Since everyone sins and falls short of God's glory, giving birth to any child necessarily entails them knowingly bearing a child who will commit sins here.
Tosida 6 months ago
and by my own rules I must give you a kitten!

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