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"No, it is against the law. That sentient child has rights. An abortion is legal, and a fetus has no rights. Completely different situation."

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Ariel (Lilit A) - Double stimulation orgasm

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Narisar 9 months ago
Holy Woke, Batman.
Zugal 8 months ago
Yes it does. It affects medicine, schools, teachers, employees, employers, landlords, etc.
Vudoshicage 8 months ago
You say "pretty easy to overturn", but you haven't shown that there'd be any desire for them to do so.
Kekazahn 8 months ago
Ah ok. Thanks for your responses.
Kigaramar 8 months ago
It simply did not fit me, I could not worship the god of the bible. I found him immoral , I also clashed with the very fundamentalist ideas the faith pushed around here. Pre internet days for me, so at the time I lost my faith, I did not know there were less, backward branches . Don't think it would have mattered in the long run s I spent some years researching denominations, mythology and religions.
Mesar 8 months ago
Our existence is made up of space, time and matter. In order for this to exist, something outside our existence would need to create such a model. I call that something, God.
Kagalar 8 months ago
I agree it is ridiculous as are miracles. No evidence of miracle either unless you are using it as a way to say something unknown.
Fern 8 months ago
If you don't know this happened, you aren't worth the time. You are a leftist who is not paying attention or getting your propaganda from "approved" sources.
Malak 8 months ago
Another way to look is that this "unknown god" had an, imperfect, arrogant and malevolent son, created by mistake by his mother Sophia and he created seven minor deities -the Dark Archons- among them Yahweh, a jealous, wrathful and vindictive killer! Don't we read such a thing in the OT? As for what he incorporated in him, please read the Ugaritic texts and Nag Hammadi library!
Samur 7 months ago
Byzantium and the Muslims are coming as an "Alternate History without Christianity" discussion. You will have your moment!
Mosida 7 months ago
"Do not go gentle..."
Jugrel 7 months ago
The subject here is not homosexuals per say. That was just one example. I gave you many. My initial point was about Christian overreach into our government. That is a fact. You are the one that responded as if you and your 10 friends somehow make this obvious fact not true. Do you think the FFRF keeps a staff of lawyers because nothing is going on in the separation of church and state arena (they alone have 15 current active cases)?
Shamuro 7 months ago
It is a lie, yes.
Mikam 6 months ago
Yes, and I explained why this is. When you have a closed group, who engage in unprotected sex within tha closed group you get s high STD rate. Look at the high school in Texas, it had the majority of its students with an STD. Let that sink in.
Shakanris 6 months ago
You're not fit to tie Conrad Bkack's shoelaces
Dout 6 months ago
Well, Not too sure how deep to go but to get things started, the laws of cause and effect do not allow any effect to occur without a cause. Atheists believe that there was once nothing and then it exploded and created order. This violates the law of causation and is not observable. Everything that exists has a cause. That can be observed. Atheists believe in sponaneous Generation (the idea that life just pops up spontaneously by random chance. ) It violates the low of biogenesis. We observe variation within species, but evolutionists can't explain how it got started. We observe that there are limits to the variation within species. It's called genetic load. The gene pool gets shallower, not deeper!
Mezilrajas 6 months ago
Because? Have you any other examples that show life needs a creator?
Goltikasa 6 months ago
They also haven't looked behind every tree on earth... but that's not good reason to believe there is a bigfoot hiding behind one.
Mill 6 months ago
Yeah thought so, it doesn?t say the earth is flat
Tut 6 months ago
A Tiny Little Keurig
Vigis 6 months ago
Yeah... but I want more atheists to be sky diving and motorcycle enthusiasts. Like Penn Jilette!
Goltikinos 6 months ago
No. They had excellent mathematicians and scientists.
Bratilar 5 months ago
"The Palestinians accused Israel of moving the match to Jerusalem to exploit the presence of Messi and other stars to underpin Israel?s claim to the Holy City."
Kebar 5 months ago
Lmao @ throwing shoes in the tree??????
Nikogal 5 months ago
Well we, your fans, are glad to see you pop in anytime you can and let us know you're still alive and kicking! ?? For me, it is more a case of just "keeping in touch with the gang." I do like that it (Disqus) forces me to think about my positions more and put them down on virtual paper. I enjoy doing that. I really don't have anything else to do at this point of my life. Just hangin' 'round, as they say.
Sale 5 months ago
You are almost right. Adam was one of God?s perfect creations. And I would even agree that he didn?t make a mistake. Instead, he
Telkis 4 months ago
We've already covered most of this. Your argument has been that Canada did not confederate until after the War of 1812.
Shaktiktilar 4 months ago
It is illogical to assume there is no cause.
Moogukree 4 months ago
And Betsy will make the best decision she can, take it to God and God will not condemn her.
Mahn 4 months ago
One could say the LGBTQ has shown no respect, tolerance towards christians.
Kajisho 4 months ago
Really? How do you know this?
Kajirg 3 months ago
Rabid atheists are, I agree, just as "off-turning" as the rabid theists. And you are very accommodating of both sides by allowing those kinds of OPs to be posted. Kudos for that.
Dashicage 3 months ago
There is a big difference between the Republicans of 1866 and the Republicans of 1966. Compare Andrew Johnson and Barry Goldwater.

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