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They chatted on WhatsApp a bit. " JASMINE CARLTON?" They both asked loudly as I nodded my head to see what orgasmm like fear " I was in the girl's restroom on graduation day at the same time you two came in.

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Anna reached the top of the spiral staircase and found herself in the hallway where the door to Elsa's room was located. I just watched that beautiful body bounce on me as we both looked sqquirting to the incestuous act going on next to us, which was the hottest thing anyone in the room had ever seen.

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Kazranos 1 year ago
I remember once my newborn baby was screaming crying!
Tonos 1 year ago
Everyone not in politics but we don't matter.
Zologal 11 months ago
There are no Jewish imams!
Nakinos 11 months ago
Your cited article does not support your accusations.
Moogujin 11 months ago
"And it simply means a position of power and authority over someone else, it does not mean you have magic fairy powers" - According to what? Only thing I can find on it is that it's the name used for God in the Hebrew Bible.
Mazurisar 11 months ago
It is up to the government to decide given that you agree that our parents teaching us is inadequate. If all parents could teach the same thing then the government wouldn't need to step in, until then it should be taught in school.
Gardajora 11 months ago
God doesn't exist so it cannot be immoral, but people who believe in it sure can be.
Moogubar 10 months ago
More proof that john mccain is a traitor against america.
Zololkis 10 months ago
Should look at it the situation you describe, it's understandable that he didn't call.
Faugis 10 months ago
This is gibberish.
Zulkirn 10 months ago
Let me be pedantic, and point out that Jesus wasn't dead for 3 full days according to the bible stories. He died at the end of the afternoon on Friday, and there wasn't time to prepare his body properly before Sabbath started (sundown on Friday), so they laid him in the sealed tomb.
Mikakasa 10 months ago
US Army Rangers killing terrorists are demonic traitors?
Kigataxe 9 months ago
I believe it is safest to keep religion out of school completely. Almost all of the presented questions could lead to abuse and acrimony. At best, one could have an 'off-campus' area where such things are allowed but then all the direct opposites must also be allowed. It must be a complete 'free-for-all' area where anything goes. If a student tries to proselytize, another student should be allowed to completely debunk that religion. Complete freedom of speech but no bullying. A member of staff always present to maintain order.
Kat 9 months ago
No certainty. No need.
Mezirisar 9 months ago
This Manafort guy has nothing to do with Trump. They barely ever met. /s
Juzragore 9 months ago
Dounris 9 months ago
"Is there an infallible way to not use this one incident as #AllTehWomenz ?" It does matter.
Samum 9 months ago
I didn't interpret the OP as an attempt to generalize about atheists. He's talking about a particular subgroup.
Shagal 9 months ago
Everything has been debunked! Your selective skepticism is quite amazing.
Nalar 9 months ago
Then why is the Church credited for saving more Jews than any other faith. Why were Catholic Priests murdered in cold blood by the hundreds. Why was predominately Catholic Poland the first country Hitler invaded? What was the reason he gave for why he thought he could get away with it? Discernment and critical thinking is a lost art to those who need VISUAL AIDS.
Tagal 8 months ago
Both sides lose. Drives inflation and job losses.
Kazragar 8 months ago
So you like seeing them blow up your phone but just don?t answer lol
Gujora 8 months ago
"We in all our Noodly Glory, have bestowed upon Pope Hilarius II the title of The Holiest of All Men. Go forth and debunk those false gods"
Zulkijinn 8 months ago
Never mind the quality.... feel the Width, my son! I had a mate who was a Jewish Tailor. His missus made the best potato Latkas, salt beef and pickles, I ever tasted ;) And his Rabbi was as funny as a sack of gentiles!
Shaktijar 8 months ago
That's the default position for almost everything.
Nezshura 8 months ago
You are right, they take their religion with them wherever they go. So do all people. Based on where I lived in Chicago, I would say that most people wish to live with their own kind. I infiltrated a basically Catholic neighborhood after living in a Jewish neighborhood. Blacks like to live together as do Hispanics, Poles, Italians, Koreans, etc. What's your real point. My Jewish neighborhood and Muslims and Christians and Hindus. Right now my old neighborhood still has a Jewish enclave but the bulk of the area is a combination of Indians and Pakistanis that hated each other in their country but have gotten along very well for decades in this Chicago neighborhood. Muslims and Hindus living together. Who would have thought.
Doukinos 8 months ago
Coming soon (if Trump has it his way). Matt Stone and Trey Parker may have been onto something here.
Fezilkree 8 months ago
God does not use street magicians to do miracles on the street. Further more, He has condemned its practice and in His word, they who work magic shall have their place in the lake of fire.
Kagajar 7 months ago
That's exactly what I'm saying. If the facts don't fit evolution...change with new synthesis. Sentient bacteria etc
Moogugor 7 months ago
Do better? Nah, I couldn't possibly top your pathetic comments.
Tumuro 7 months ago
"It is far easier and less likely to end up in a totalitarian like system to just tell people to learn to stand up for themselves or walk away."
Kaganos 7 months ago
I am glad I got circumcised because women almost unanimously agree they prefer circumcised men over guys with stinky smegma under their foreskin. Good luck with women with that hideous, smelly and nasty appendage.
Nikoshakar 7 months ago
You'll be okay.
Brabar 7 months ago
Actually, I think I meant 'mainstreamers.'

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