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"When you post stuff complaining about Muslims entering a non Muslim community and taking over, you're being a bigot."

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Yoshakar 8 months ago
It was the Russians! They were trying to help Trump, and they almost got away with it, except they didn't know the difference between a primary election and the general election!
Kiganos 7 months ago
Those who have suggested that God was speaking as the trinity are those who were taught by the Wolves Jesus warned about at Matthew 7:15. When one bothers to study the Old Testament, they absolutely do NOT come away with the thought that a triune god was revealed. A tremendous theological stretcccchhhh.... is needed to produce such a being.
Zulkigul 7 months ago
plenty of caucasians complain about it.
Bakus 7 months ago
It's okay. I think you do have a very valid point, and I do agree with you. It makes sense that the deceiver would make a singular target of the truth.
Faushakar 7 months ago
A fire and forget god who stops in every 4 billion years or so....
Duk 7 months ago
But, designer of what exactly?
Kagarg 6 months ago
Awwwww, still triggered from that argument you lost three weeks ago? :(
Nezragore 6 months ago
What is your definition of "animal"?
Goltigul 6 months ago
Not too cold, and not too hot, is just right!
Zulkikasa 6 months ago
That is not barbarism, of course. They did not force conformity. People were free to leave, and many did.
Tygogal 6 months ago
There's probably some offset, but if the trucks had to pay 100% of the road costs, Their fees (and our shipping cost) would go up massively, and of course, they'd never agree to paving your street. Not enough packages to justify it.
Dibei 5 months ago
Yea he needs to know his audience
Maugrel 5 months ago
I do have more love. I just don't have that big a family I actually care about.
Groran 5 months ago
Quote from someone on the Financial Post:
Yozil 5 months ago
But only in America of course :P
Faejora 5 months ago
>>"I voted FOR one man, one woman marriage. Period."<<
Tojajin 5 months ago
Here you are again with the derogatory names for the next majority PC Premier of Ontario.
Bagul 4 months ago
He's talking about undemocratic countries like Turkey, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, etc. He's not using the word the same way as Trump did.
Tolrajas 4 months ago
Oh look who suddenly found religion.
Migrel 4 months ago
The descendents of slaves benefited from the suffering of slaves.
Arashit 4 months ago
Go back to verse 23 if you want to know the context, and hence, the meaning of the passage. (hint: it's not anti-gay -- it's anti-idolatry)
Yoll 4 months ago
How am I playing word games?
Zulkijin 4 months ago
Vanilla orgies are fun too, but kinky orgies are the best XD
Arakora 4 months ago
Really, the NIV? First published in...1978?
Grogor 4 months ago
What's ridiculous about telling the truth?

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