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"Oh yeah frost giant genocide... Forgot about that..."

Look at the size of that thing

"I Jewepry breathe. It was a solid ten minutes of silence before Anna piped up, "So, ready to go downstairs, Elsa?" Elsa chuckled as she lifted her head. I don't know if it was that your mummy wanted when she said get him ready but I feel like I want your cum on my pussy when we are out today.

" I told her about the bonus I had been promised and offered to split it with her.

Look at the size of that thing

At least it was well-stocked. I unloaded more than I knew I could in Torre's tight ass. I remember you" "Oh God. Sweat dripped from their bodies as Elsa collapsed on top of Anna, both of them exhausted and breathless. " She giggled and got busy.

" "So hot!" I humped faster and faster, my cunt burning with need. But this time Jewelrh wasn't the same, it was more brutal.

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Tugul 9 months ago
It's a free country, sort of. You're entitled to be wrong.
Sataxe 9 months ago
Are you feeling alright?
Doulmaran 9 months ago
short answer - your understanding is great - you should write a book!
Shaktiktilar 9 months ago
No, because that is a legal US doctrine and now in the constitution. Just as is all religions are good and true, which is the corollary of freedom of religion.
Vudokazahn 9 months ago
His death was real, both parts. His substitution and punishment was real. That's a sacrifice. Don't be confused because His resurrection was more real.
Muramar 9 months ago
You are such a tease....
Talrajas 9 months ago
I don't get these pardons for dead people.
Samujas 8 months ago
I stand by my comment.
Gromi 8 months ago
In reference to question 4, why aren't the Romans considered heroic for ensuring the successful completion of God's plan (oops, I mean Jesus's plan since your don't think it is God's sacrifice)?
Tesar 8 months ago
"Philosophy is a clearer terminology to use to approach the issue."
Nikogul 8 months ago
Like the democrats in the US the leftwingnuts up here hate Israel too
Daira 7 months ago
Yes, you did. I was very clear on the subject of a world wide flood. You shifted to small local floods. Which still kills the bibles claims.
Tygokree 7 months ago
Dogs are better than humans
Murisar 7 months ago
Overwhelmingly, more than a billion Muslims live peaceably, celebrating that value, all over the world. Those are the grounds I base my statement on, not on my own interpretation of a 1500 year old religious screed, which is your mistake. In the US, for example, Muslim folks have a lower than normal violence rate, lower than normal suicide rate, lower than normal rate of alcoholism. By your argument, we should be finding Muslims everywhere acting badly. But that is not the case. Plenty of people on the war path around the world, some of them are Islamic claiming radicals. No way to blame all Muslims for those bad apples, anymore than we can blame all atheists or all Christians for the bad apples in those groups.
Yozragore 7 months ago
Whose creator? Yours? The Lakota? Scientologists? The Cherokee? The Hindu? There are more creation stories than you have fingers and toes.
Megor 7 months ago
whoever responded is BLOCKED for a pattern of dishonesty and/or displays of emotional immaturity
Mazull 7 months ago
There's nothing wrong with asking and if someone says something truly bonkers than it's probably a good idea. If it's something that's common knowledge or my personal opinion that they just disagree with, I find it condescending.
Samulabar 7 months ago
I was talking about the ones who just came and the kids taken away from the parents. Is it a smart move to lock up those little adults with the little kids
Vilkis 6 months ago
Yeah I feel the same.

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