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"I was not happy with certain aspects of me too either. But I think part of it is the problem is so large people don't know how to handle it"

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Kagazil 9 months ago
Of course we know smoking causes cancer. We have known that for years. Of course other things do as well.
Mazuzshura 8 months ago
That sounds a lot like Macro evolution.
Meztimuro 8 months ago
I'm sure the economic and societal destruction of Vietnam and Cambodia just happened. You know, communism. Probably nothing to do with getting firebombed into ashes.
Akikora 8 months ago
Validating science by pointing out Biblical passages which support it is like bragging about steak tasting just like tofu!
Gazil 8 months ago
Yeah... because name-calling makes it look like you're sincere about engaging in debate.
Minos 8 months ago
You are the one currently relating Gay Pride to a specific political agenda. I mentioned neither end of the political spectrum in my comment.
Fenrizshura 7 months ago
But not defining the word and then complaining that people don't define the word right is exactly what you are doing!
Baramar 7 months ago
I DON'T need upvotes. Everyone upvote this.
Daigul 7 months ago
and yet you won't provide them shelter in your homeless tent!!!
Fenrirr 7 months ago
I don't mind it now. We go to pretty much all the home games and its a rocking good time. But ya, doesn't even come close to the NFL.
Grojas 7 months ago
It does not answer the contridiction if you want me to critically think it out. Even a blank canvas is, and has a form. There is a contradiction that needs to be resolved...that if it has a surface, it is not formless and/or void. You cant have both.
Shakara 6 months ago
Natural by who?s standards? Killing a human baby is also natural to many?
Samushicage 6 months ago
The philosophical argument for morality strikes me as quite simple: Society requires morality in order to function. We require a functioning society in order to thrive.
Goltijas 6 months ago
But wait if you want the peen in your veen but you still dont want a marathon?
Mulmaran 6 months ago
So you don't believe in any afterlives, then?
Jumuro 6 months ago
Lol omg yes... I've been on dates where the dude was like, I could give you a ride, I drive a Benz.. like that's supposed to matter
Teramar 5 months ago
Also I didn?t add this to the story but she was Nervous because she told her husband it would only be $300 and then she found out that she didn?t read the contract and it would be more.
Vozragore 5 months ago
"Nobody needs an AR-15. You can't hunt with one, and it's a weapon of war. It serves no purpose in the ordinary person's household. It was created for the express purpose of killing people.
Nerr 5 months ago
OK, for starters, rule out all physically impossible interpretations. Stuff that we know is physically impossible now, was also physically impossible then. Therefore, nobody is pulling any fast ones when they convey a message involving talking snakes. Its a given that is a metaphor. From the author's standpoint, anyone who can not identify this stuff as metaphor, is simply not mature enough to understand the higher message intended. To immature folks, they are happy to pass it off as a child's myth, however. So let us move on from childish things and declare that any interpretation must be physically possible. Right?
Majar 5 months ago
Turdeau,should triple the land taxes for Americans owning property in Canada,and make hunting and fishing licenses go up as well,or even better don't allow them to fish or hunt in Canada period. Also any American businesses in Canada should get a hefty business tax to do business in Canada. The list is endless to get Trumps attention,also cut off the power to NewYork,and charge a extra tax on our natural gas that crosses lk.Superior to Michigan....But why wait until July,,put them on right away.

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