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"It's what Putin's handlers paid for...."

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"I was just dreaming about you" he said, reaching his hands over to my naked breasts, squeezing, rubbing and twisting them. " I shrug and sit by the lake, looking down in my reflection.

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Tezilkree 11 months ago
The ?isn't (real) magic? comment reminded me of this quote that Dan Dennett shares from a book about Indian street magicians:
Samugis 11 months ago
Maybe a bit of both .
Kazizragore 10 months ago
Duck Dynasty guy / Honey Boo Boo's mom 2020!
Mole 10 months ago
A totally different word.
Fenrikree 10 months ago
What irrelevant point do you think I've found? You think the only reason to not murder is that you might get caught.
Tojacage 10 months ago
Beat me to
Sanos 10 months ago
I mean that there is a high level of specificity until the point supernature gets into the mix, it becomes fuzzy quickly. And nothing of what we know about the natural world would make any sense.
Grogor 10 months ago
To work and contribute to the US economy, you must possess one of two documents - a SSAN or I-9 number. If you entered our country illegally, you legally possess neither. If an illegal alien is in possession of those documents, they are stolen or fraudulent making that person a felon. If they are working and being compensated illegally, they are guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud and tax evasion, also a felony. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...its a duck.
Jujora 10 months ago
See. SEE... take that long legged freaks.
Mern 10 months ago
"Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's."
Daizshura 9 months ago
So you would honor us by stating one thing that NDT is wrong about. (Moves hand slowly into popcorn...)
Voodoojind 9 months ago
The only good man to ever live. I'm a good man. I know lots of good men. That's one of th4e problems with your crazy religion. You have to shit on humanity to get them to sign up.
Tadal 9 months ago
Its not in the NT Bible. Why?
Faugami 9 months ago
You want me to explain why some people want to be married?
Tugrel 9 months ago
The place I go to is very honest: "Our coffee is good because there's a butt-ton of sugar in it."
Tojalabar 9 months ago
they had something to do with it!
Faule 8 months ago
Uh... no. Let's be super-fair and realize that the ones that go down well is always solely because of me.
Mogar 8 months ago
Life begins and ends when God says so. Not one second sooner or later.
Maunris 8 months ago
I claim that inherent human rights are based on the existence of a creator. So, therefore, human rights are not something that can be imposed?
Arashirisar 8 months ago
Still stupid-shaming as there is no shortage of stupid.
JoJor 8 months ago
Act like what? I'm not rude to people but I don't go out of my way to interact with them. Good for you that you do.
Akijora 8 months ago
I was using "discovered" in the rather narrower sense of "discovered and published in peer-reviewed academic literature." For the sake of R. Brookes and any other early starters I may have left out, I'll amend my statement to 18th century. My point, though, was that when a discovery was made has no direct bearing on its validity. Archaeologists aren't part of some conspiracy to make fake pottery for the Israeli tourism board; they simply didn't seek or gain permission to survey or excavate in Nazareth before the 20th century.
Yozshujind 8 months ago
yet you are as gracefull as a gazelle
Kagashicage 8 months ago
I understand what you are saying, but disagree. I think you are successfully 'preventing it from happening' if something is very infrequent. It would be inappropriate to raise the penalty on an infrequent crime as a deterrent, since something is doing that job successfully.
Ararg 7 months ago
Why yes, it is so fine tuned for us here on good old planet earth? That the lowly mosquito has wiped out tens of thousands just by biting us. And how about those rats and the fleas on their backs that bit humans and caused the Black Death? Or how about ticks? Dayum those things are nasty to humans.
Bam 7 months ago
Absolutely. This is something that I've written about quite a bit in the past.
Kazraran 7 months ago
Can I interest you in some dismembered baby stew?
Voodooshicage 7 months ago
Again, we're talking about religion, not God. Religion exists, and there are people who have an anti-religious bias. Heck, I'm probably one of them.
Tojak 7 months ago
I wish there was less of a stigma surrounding men seeking mental health services and I wish more single/divorced men had better support systems.
Zuzragore 7 months ago
Here is what I have learned on the issue of abortion by Christians. When their god of the bible does it? Why it is perfectly ok with them because no one should ever question the judgment of god. God committed a mass abortion of pregnant women if you believe the story of Noah's Ark. Just how many pregnant women died because of that supposed worldwide flood? How many infants and children? But hey, god did it, so he was perfectly justified in committing mass abortion.
Bara 7 months ago
I operate in a more global atmosphere. I'm more interested in the best for most and pay little attention if that hurts the feelings of any individual. It's narcissistic to believe my opinions should take your feelings into account.

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