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"Ok. Here is the deal. I got two TVs side by each watching the TFC soccer and Vegas hockey games."

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He was fondling the boy's ass when the boy suddenly stood up on tippy toes. But this beedroom it wasn't the same, it was more brutal. Three or four showers with plenty of soap and hot water would make me smell better.

' I look at them and realize that Heath was my special little guy and wonder how badly I screwed up his life. "That was Lauren. I lifted my heels to step out of it. We grabbed a couple of chairs she had outside, Melissa started to remove her sundress, and she had on a very, very, very small bikini. He put his index finger and middle finger inside his mouth and sucked it before than inserting them inside my pink, shaven, wet twat.

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He was lean, with nicely toned arms and a flat stomach that showed signs of developing abs. Immediately the hands went to work, even more roughly than before.

" Barry walked up to the dais and I handed over Amatrur leash.

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Dishakar 10 months ago
Why? Those are the ones that are needed because of dire medical complications. They are the pregnancies that were chosen to carry to term and it is always heartbreaking for the woman to go through, but it is needed to either save her life or spare a child from suffering outside of the womb.
Vugal 10 months ago
Wow. Look at those words! You are posing like you know some stuff!
Shalabar 10 months ago
I'm not a biologist, but I assume yes.
Meztiramar 10 months ago
Won't really know if it's money well spent until he graduates. Never indicated my position on the existence or non-existence of hypothetical metaphysical entities. You're right; dictating children's lives is a bad idea, and parents whose children have their gender dictated to them by other students are very likely to fight back.
Vorisar 10 months ago
I have no interest in disproving you. The logical thing for me is to withhold belief until there is sufficient evidence for me
Tozahn 10 months ago
I am pretty sure you haven't even read the NDP platform - I am sure you'd vote PC if there was a monkey as Leader...... wait a sec. Never mind
Dagul 9 months ago
He offers wedding cakes. The gay customers wanted a wedding cake.
Vogor 9 months ago
Why can't the universe predate creation? Why can't everything predate creation? Why have a creation?
Meztinos 9 months ago
It's peaceful, but it has major drawbacks. One being: you only know a select group of people for an extended amount of time.
Gardabar 9 months ago
True but nobody wants to know when I'm taking my pants off, Just Me. ??
Fenrirg 9 months ago
Considering most bank deposits only pay between 0-1% interest, that is really shitty advice.
JoJoll 9 months ago
"No one here is claiming we should do that."
Arashirisar 8 months ago
No, we shouldn't. We would only see the progression for evolving species. Take, say, sharks - they have found their perfect ecological niche, and almost don't change in the last 100 million of years or so.
Arashile 8 months ago
You want to be alone, so I won't respond. I don't expect any more responses from you from now on to any of my future posts about resurrection or Christianity. Any future response will be evidence that you don't really want to be left alone.
Gardakora 8 months ago
All Praise His Noodlyness and the Holy Sauce!
Vudogis 8 months ago
Leftist predictions have been as reliable as Bigfoot sightings for some time now.
Narisar 8 months ago
Yeah, I know you don't see reason.
Mukasa 8 months ago
Buh bye you such a loving Christian lmfao.

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