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"The child sex abuse scandal in the church was caused by Muslims, that's a new one. I give no quarter to any religion and Islam is the worst of them. Any religion that requires it's women to dress head to toe in black bags in the middle of the desert because their special book says so is as bad as any Dark Age christian cult. You are correct on one count, I will expose man-made religions and gods at every chance for the backward thinking damage they've done throughout history right up to the current NAMBLA chapter being run out of the Vatican. There's also quite a crew of crooked christian televangatele hucksters caught and imprisoned for various sex and money crimes including Jim Baker, Kent Hovind, Robert Tilton and Peter Popoff. Religions are an unecessary scourge on humanity and the sooner they are gone the better for everyone, including you."

blue queen - Scene 6

As a matter of fact mother wasn't exactly in need of showering again but I think somehow she wanted to show her body one more time and show it to Kayko. As I washed my hair and face she washed the rest of me. Then I saw Torre open her eyes and look scared, I asked what was wrong and she said, "She's licking my ass!" Apparently V took it upon herself to "ready" Torre as she put it.

blue queen - Scene 6

She stood her ground as the hands squeezed and pulled at her. "Look at his penis, young lady. This time he didn't stop. He must of just come in. She secretly wanted Mike to seduce her. Mike continued to play with Cindy's breasts for awhile before moving down to her pussy.

Anna stood off the bed and pulled the dress down around her feet and stepped out of it. Lewis, I think it's time!" Rachel chimed in. He asks her if she is feeling okay enough to talk. She kept asking about you and MY DEAR BROTHER AND I HAD TO LIE TO HER. Everybody will look at me!" I'm sure they will.

I continued to fuck the lustful demon, thrusting harder.

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Mezuru 1 year ago
I feel the same way about leftism...Snd atheism,
Brakree 1 year ago
Note the adjective "Christian" on all five of your entries. Talk about circular reasoning.
Vudokinos 1 year ago
I really don't have the best opinion of churches.
Samugis 1 year ago
Lies and death? Satan killed only about 10 people from what I have heard in the Bible and he certainly didn't lie.
Zulull 11 months ago
if find it funny you find only parts concerning. it was written by men to control other men
Tauzshura 11 months ago
I'm not ok with this nor the fact that students had cell phones in class.
Branos 11 months ago
You do realize that there is no way possible for all people to be equal right?
Gardazuru 11 months ago
Even if he is cannibal and pedophile. He was a very well educated historian. His description of the Huns progress to Europe is strictly consistent with the Chinese sources.
Gagis 11 months ago
It's pretty sad when someone can't be happy for you because they want to wallow in their self pity. Having a miscarriage is bad, but they are pretty common. That's not to put down the friend who miscarried. She should try to be happy for your friend, though, because she had a miscarriage too.
Gatilar 11 months ago
Its taken me many years to get to know God as He really is and not the religious God that I had been led to believe in in the past.
Kakinos 10 months ago
"agonal breathing." Is that the same as the Chene-Stokes breathing of the dying wife of Robert Monroe in his final book #3, Ultimate Journey?
Faushakar 10 months ago
Even when she is Senator wynne?
Mutilar 10 months ago
I?m sure there are scrolls & manuscripts, historical events, & prophesies
Yozshusho 10 months ago
Admiring da Vinci,I used to wonder if instead of a rarely occurring outlier,what the results would have been if the prevalence of da Vincis had been increased by a factor of 10,20 or whatever within a given previous span of time.Would the results have culminated in the world as an armed nuclear camp awaiting its Armageddon/Strangelove moment in the 17th century?
Nerisar 10 months ago
God belief downgrades everything. The happiest and most well off nations are the nations that are the most secular. Contrasting that the most religious nations are the broke, stinking s-holes the president was talking about. Yes let's just ban all religious people from entering the country. We have enough idiots here all ready.
Nilrajas 9 months ago
Do you assume?that the Classical ?gods?of Greece and Rome actually exist? If not, can you prove it? If yes, can you prove that they do exist?
Barn 9 months ago
Christ was a revelation to Paul by God.
Yogore 9 months ago
Lol good luck
Nazragore 9 months ago
Only because it's the truth.
Mikasar 9 months ago
We can?t even agree what happen on the nightly news even if equipped with video recordings, expert testimony and eyewitness testimony.
Tagor 9 months ago
No problem. That one just irks me. ;-)
Kazinris 8 months ago
So who is that?
Shakagar 8 months ago
I hope they continue the impeachment talk. That?s the best way to guarantee that that incoming wave changes to red ;)
Doule 8 months ago
Marriage has to be defined.
Dukree 8 months ago
How do you know? And maybe try answering the hypothetical, because that kind of issue came up when it was regarding segregated black people.
Goltibei 8 months ago
Arkansan, still neighbors.
Yozshulmaran 8 months ago
Fables teaching virtue are based on lies. And they are good.
Kezil 7 months ago
As long as you know it lol
Vurg 7 months ago
Ohhhh make believe bubble burst...
Yozshuzilkree 7 months ago
Nah just sterilized.
Fauzuru 7 months ago
First, I was talking about the logic of the argument not the argument.

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