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"Oh really? Maybe you ought to pay more attention then. It seems YOU got a hair across your butt to only recognize what Muslims are doing and not looking at what Christians are doing. Do you have a bias there you need to investigate? Because everything I have spoken of, is fact, truth and in the news if you care to investigate it."

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"Oh fuck!" she yelped then broke out into a hysterical fit of laughter. " "They all are. What if somebody sees this. The fair always turned into a big party in the evening.

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Zulkitaxe 11 months ago
Failed in his promise for election reform. Became physically abusive in House of Commons. Insulted pretty much all of India while becoming the butt of jokes on late night TV. Shelled out $30M to terrorists. Has the provinces fighting among themselves. Failed to build any of 3 proposed pipelines. Nationalized a pipeline that may never get built. Rebuked for his free vacation from a known lobbyist. Sold access at countless Liberal fundraisers. Raised taxes on the middle class. Increased deportations of immigrants who's parents filed false claims (except, of course, one of his pet ministers) while at the same time inviting the world's detritus to cross our borders illegally and then foisting the costs of his magnanimous gesture on the provinces.
Brall 11 months ago
Cloudy, and cool.
Kasar 10 months ago
Well, personal stories are, by their very nature, subjective and thus open to a multitude of interpretations. While they're certainly comforting, they're not evidence.
Dicage 10 months ago
Leftism invariably brings baneful consequences.
Shaktik 10 months ago
Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything, not only to please them while they are watching, but with sincerity of heart and fear of the Lord
Gogal 10 months ago
Did you read the Topic OP? The hypothetical was about a test to see if your baby was gay or straight... remember?
Shaktisida 9 months ago
Not really, no. I don't know what bible you read but mine says there is going to be a king and a ruling class called the 'Saints' .
Kigalmaran 9 months ago
I agree !! That's nasty !!
Malaramar 9 months ago
I don't claim to, but I have to wonder... how would you know?
Branos 9 months ago
Catholics don?t ?worship? Mary, they just respect her for being ?perfect? (so says Dogma) and for being the mother of god.
Mazuhn 9 months ago
Yes! Stupid perverts always were thirsty af!
Brami 8 months ago
Right, the Abrahamic god.
Moogular 8 months ago
Psalms & all through OT - He is woven in.

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