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Dill 1 year ago
disagreeing is how scientists get noticed, published and tenure.
Akishicage 1 year ago
Could I get a gay baker to make a butthole cake for a straight couple ? Chocolate of course.
JoJozilkree 1 year ago
I work for an LGBTQ company. One of the people I work with is a gay black drag queen Christian minister. Each denomination is different. Technically, Judaism and Islam are harder on homosexuality than Christianity. Their laws call for the death penalty for gays. It's why Saudi Arabia and Iran say they have no gays. And yet, there are still gay Muslims, Jews, etc. Everyone's beliefs are different.
Tokora 1 year ago
Your definition of 'Spiritual' agrees with my understanding of the term. I have not come across the OP's definition of it before, which sounds like 'super religious'.
Shaktira 11 months ago
Is that your last, best argument? I'm less than impressed.
Dukasa 11 months ago
Perhaps you don't understand the science.
Zuluzil 11 months ago
Except for the Scriptures that God has revealed via the arch angel Gabriel or the Holy Spirit as he is referred to in the Qur'an. These include the Scriptures given to Ibrahim, Musa, Daud, Isa and Muhammad peace be upon them all.
Jugor 11 months ago
The lady "talks funny", as Gracie would say. ??
Kagajora 10 months ago
I speak about Islam's doctrine, which presribes war until Islam prevails.
Kazrabei 10 months ago
You really must of had a thing for Bourdain. You seem to think everyone who disliked him was a republican. Sorry but the guy was flawed. I don't feel a need to pile on at this point, but he wasn't perfect.
Kigagore 10 months ago
Actually my wording does sound as though I'm suggesting what you say. My meaning isn't very clear in the post which is that clothing laws that forbid us from concealing our identity are not forms of oppression unless we also say we are oppressed by not being allowed to walk naked in public.
Digul 10 months ago
Ah. okay. Thanks for the warning. I'll disengage.
Tujinn 9 months ago
That does not make them correct.
Kagalrajas 9 months ago
In my experience on this board, we all have our preferred "urban legends" but most people--no matter which side of an argument they are on" are always to have a deeper exploration of a given point.
Totaxe 9 months ago
It is very convenient to be able to define your God in any way that you like without having to prove that definition. You simply define your god as being outside of space and time and not subject to any laws of physics or logic whatsoever and suddenly your god is capable of being and doing absolutely anything, making him totally impossible to disprove. Of course, it also makes him totally impossible to prove.
Togrel 9 months ago
I agree - the next step is to increase wages - especially in the middle class. The fewer applicants will result in higher wages.
Tojagami 9 months ago
I did no such thing.
Akinokazahn 9 months ago
"Do you like another morality shoved down your throat?"
Muzahn 9 months ago
That was not the claim, however. The claim was that the UNIVERSE is fine tuned for humans.
Aragal 9 months ago
Those jobs picking onions need to pay a decent wage. Using illegals isn't the answer.
Kebar 8 months ago
Some economics is nothing but dishonest ideology, but a lot of it is "technical" stuff, about how to control and abuse aspects of the actually existing economic system, so lots of economists are pretty much just technicians. (Although of course these two aspects are intertwined.) And as such, even bourgeois economics can have an actual connection to reality, even if it's a distorted and manipulative connection.
Kibei 8 months ago
Oh, so the reason god does not answer the prayers, the cries of us being raped by his priests and pastors to stop what is happening to us, is it is your god's will that we be raped huh?
Zolobar 8 months ago
What rights have gays recently gained that they didn't previously have?
Vuzragore 8 months ago
Seems the world is in need of correct judgement that will satisfy everyone.
Tygosar 7 months ago
I look. Looking isn't a crime. I don't care if the person i'm with looks either. Everyone looks. Just don't touch.
Bajora 7 months ago
So could I :)
Moogujas 7 months ago
when religious people stop trying to legislate their beliefs, I'll gladly stop barking.
Voshura 7 months ago
We didn't realize there were two versions of the Koran. It is clear that the Islamist terrorists use the original unabridged one but we are not aware there was a milder modified version. If standard Muslims have problems with the radical version, why do we RARELY hear of them doing or saying anything about it? Could it be that the Koran both versions of Muslims obey states that if they dare do or say anything they must be eliminated? Something to do with apostates. Individuals like Tarek Fatah are incredibly brave.
Aragami 7 months ago
Yep. I agree. The past is just that. The past. We are living in the here and now. So that "story" need to manifest now for it to be the Truth.

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