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"I don't recall defining what I think toxic masculinity means so I'll forgive you for posting what looks like an assumption of what I think it means."

Alyssia Kent

After her stroke her mind reverted to years ago when you would have been speerm high school. Meanwhile my cock had reached its usual stiffness, and I was trying as hard as I could not to finish myself.

He did not xperm understand English but he understood when she said she wanted help. " I reached down with both hands cupping either side of his bottom, and I just kneaded his little buns in rhythm with his pumping, which was beginning to get a little faster and a little deeper now that he had taken over the pace.

Alyssia Kent

He airzona to slap my now bright red ass. The dresss had no backside. As I was humming a song and jingling my keys, I suddenly felt a strong arm hook itself around my waist and pull me back into a corner.

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Akinok 10 months ago
The only way it would be the infallible word of god is if the god that wrote it didn't know quite a lot of things.
Samukus 10 months ago
Go ahead smack me, but she is right up my alley...
Meztikasa 10 months ago
The 1st Amendment says he does...
Maushakar 10 months ago
hell the sexiest possible way ;) RAWR!
Mushakar 10 months ago
What healing would they need...?
Tojazahn 10 months ago
I believe the proper term is "informed consent". If someone with STDs doesn't disclose it, the other person isn't making an informed decision.
Nasho 10 months ago
No, God came to live in people, work through them. Love your enemies etc. Only possible by God. The 'old man' needed out.
Kigam 9 months ago
What about a movie on Bill Cosby being a wonderful father. Same thoughts?
Douktilar 9 months ago
Like in a court of law, yeah...many suggestions of the truth off the facts presented. There's only one truth though. Its interpretation your side suggesting truth, with God evidence suggesting truth. You reject God by accepting another. It's how it works, intentionally...weeds out those that simply don't want God. It matters apparently to God, like us. We give our heart to Whom we choose and it matters. God too
Felabar 9 months ago
That would be interesting.
Vudonos 9 months ago
the soul is a chrstian construct. There is no evidence that one exists
Kajibei 9 months ago
I would not expect the attorney to be able to get a subpoena for the footage until after making the accusation.
Grobei 8 months ago
And pro-choice people argued that paying for other's choices is sometimes a part of life. I think the same concept applies here. I don't like that my healthcare costs go up bc of smokers or people that make other choices I don't agree with.

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