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"I see - you're the more smarterer christian, and not an atheist?"

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After a couple more minutes, he stood up and pushed me onto my knees and shoved his gigantic dick into my mouth. He snapped at her and she went silent. Small talk about the show, maybe a stop to eat and then that be it.

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"We're payment so you'll help our husband. He worked his fingers into her pussy; starting with one, then two, three, and when he pushed four inside her she started pleading. Wherever her fingers touched, that part of her body was briefly coated with ice, which dissipated just as quickly.

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Tokus 11 months ago
Summer school for you then. If religion didn't have protections written into the Constitution it would be charged with fraud.
Muzahn 11 months ago
The problem can only be properly discussed by those who possess proper education. Dirac, one of the greatest physicists, explained it as follows.
Gulkree 11 months ago
I didn't consider it until this forum.
Menos 10 months ago
Hebrews 10:12 ?But this man (Jesus) after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God.? That is the propitiation (satisfying) to God for your sins, Romans 3:25. Which is mercy, not getting what YOU deserve, for your sins.
Daizahn 10 months ago
Yes, your unrequited love of Justin Trudeau is noted--and it's sad in the most pathetic way.
JoJohn 10 months ago
Personally, I'd do both if necessary.
Nam 10 months ago
No - I'm not.
Gujora 9 months ago
Bill Gates did not say ANYTHING near what you are interpreting it to be. End of story.
Zoloshura 9 months ago
I like your last sentence.
Shanris 9 months ago
From the tweets at all hours of the night and morning, Trump sleeps?
Shaktizuru 9 months ago
Flag my comment? I think we need a different mod to weigh in.
Mezikasa 8 months ago
you have no idea how you are projecting right now, do you?
Taujora 8 months ago
Right down the street from your momma.
Yolkis 8 months ago
That's where God will put the unbelievers.
Kigall 8 months ago
While simultaneously overlooking the fact that disproof of evolution (if it were possible) does not automatically default back to god(s) a, b, c or d did it.
Dukora 8 months ago
Fair enough, would you be willing to live among the lepers with a high possibility of become a leper yourself? My point being does your empath and internal compass allow you to go far beyond a simply treating others how you want to be treated. Can it go as far as sacrificing yourself for those who hate or despise you?
Mobei 7 months ago
That is entirely not true. and we are not talking about the world as it is today. we are talking about mars in the future, occupied by scientists.
Yozshull 7 months ago
I have not read this book, but have read some of her others. I have never found her to be dishonest in her portrayal of history as related from other sources, nor to be intellectually dishonest in her interpretations of various theological traditions. That said, she is certainly a universalist with a mystical bent, and so the way she interprets theology can differ significantly from, say, fundamentalism. But Islam has a wonderful tradition of mystics, so it's not as if a universalist / mystic conception of Islam is alien to its own theology. It is not. But, like mysticism in Christianity, it is a theological view that is in the clear minority within the religion.
Gardalkis 7 months ago
It was a supernatural event. You're looking for a naturalistic explanation and there is none.
Ararr 7 months ago
Before the twentieth century people would claim to be kidnapped by fairies or demons, About the 1940's people claimed to alien abductees. These people experienced something you could call supernature. You could ask them about it, As yet we don't fully understand what happened to them. One possibility is Sleep paralysis but that Doesn't explain the whole thing like swamp gas Doesn't explain every UFO sighting.

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