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"Before listening to that podcast, I would also have said that a lack of empathy was a symptom of psychopathy. I think much is to do with the definition of the word - Paul Bloom uses a perhaps more clinical definition than most of us would use. He goes on to show that empathy in some cases can be harmful. He uses the example of the defendant in a trial making a statement to the jury before sentencing: if they are not attractive or naturally eloquent, or of a different class or race than the jurors, they can get a higher sentence than an attractive person able to express themselves well. His point being that the crime itself should be the only consideration in sentencing."

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Yoran 1 year ago
You present somewhat of a false dichotomy...there is a tremendous gulf between "faith" and "proof."
Zulushicage 1 year ago
"Are there some conclusions that you made, that you are not willing to reconsider, and where your mind is closed?"
Juramar 1 year ago
So then the blame goes on the whites that don't vote, not the immigrants who do.
Zucage 1 year ago
Easy protein source, tradition, and a way to humiliate their enemies.
Zulumi 1 year ago
It?s the interpretation in the Talmud
Nerisar 1 year ago
Do you remember exactly what happened to you, even the more memorable things, over 30 years ago? Do you have the ability to embellish them to make them better then they really were?
Tygosar 1 year ago
I agree. Christian Fundamentalism makes for good teevee.
Fenrigar 11 months ago
Fer gawds sake. None of them are worth a nickel but at lewast use the term "alleged": with this crap
Moll 11 months ago
Children should be exposed to this but not in schools. Its distracting, just like religion and politics would be distracting. However, if were going to say that we should as a nation make it our policy that children be exposed to ALL ideologies...then make it so. This way Religion, LGBT, Politics, Cultures, Races etc are all part of the curriculum all at once.
Daill 11 months ago
So... Christians should rally around a single-payer model instead of mandates? That way no one's mandated to get insurance, and if you really don't want medical care... you just don't have to get any?
Nazilkree 11 months ago
Thieves don't kill you or layoff nurses like Harris did.
Voodoosar 11 months ago
They want to have their cake, and litigate it too!
Gardagami 10 months ago
All of rational thought, and all of virtue, come from Him alone.
Monris 10 months ago
Oh myyyyy, its def your accent
Tataxe 10 months ago
"Tax cuts STIMULATE the economy!"
Migal 10 months ago
Standing in your convictions is done in varying ways...some delusional, others based in well thought out, contemplated/quantified facts, truths & realities. Knowing and being able to recognize the difference helps immeasurably. Some folks you agree to disagree with you honor & respect...others you pity. Recognizing the varied shades of grey between black & white is often an exercise in holding oneself accountable for awareness of what you do NOT know and providing for that reality. I find the more effusive, crazed a person gets in a debate/disagreement, is often indicative of how the point you may be making strikes the intended target. I don't need others to agree...I put more value on another's ability/willingness to listen & hear other POV. I also have more respect for those who at least flat out say to my face that they disagree than those who pretend otherwise or remain silent rather than take a stand one way or the other. JMO
Zulujar 10 months ago
Yup. Sounds about right to me..
Yozshutilar 9 months ago
*le sigh* love him. He would have been 60 today.
Malataur 9 months ago
Hating President Trump is a stupid and losing strategy and the only thing the Donkey Party has and that makes me smile.

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