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769 08:3011 months ago

"No, you are still full of it, and not able to prove your point."

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The idea was if you got whores fucked up and made them feel good while doing something (like being a filthy fuck toy) they'll learn to love playing the part. I got hard again but I had no idea who to fuck.

Brutal Nerdy Teen Sloppy Face Fuck and Cum on Face Ever

He didn't resist but it wouldn't have done him any good if he had. But I could hear the boy continue to whimper.

First I have to tell you something about my wife. In spite of all her friends warning about the dangers of couch-surfing, she had taken the plunge. I mean, you know I love her.

The tipping became very boring very onpine, apart from the usual of people looking tewn the curtains, seeing me and then pretending not to be in, when they did answer the door I usually came away with about two dollars.

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Tok 10 months ago
"Pompeo clearly and repeatedly said that he never even once did anything
Vosho 10 months ago
And yet again, why should we "intelligent" and "mature" people believe in myths?
Mezimi 10 months ago
There are certainly some religious "beliefs" that are pretty incompatible with some science and some scientific "beliefs" that are pretty incompatible with some religions. :-)
Kajilrajas 10 months ago
Holy crap you have amazing handwriting! O_O
JoJolkis 10 months ago
And if the innocent children had been snatched up just as the chaos of the flood ensued, who would tell anyone? Who would remember?
Grojar 10 months ago
Time is really just revolutions around the sun.
Fem 10 months ago
I have another site in mind which would allow much more en depth questioning (followup questions are dependent upon the previous question) but it'll be a while before I do another survey probably, and I have to verify that the data collected is anonymous there too.
Meztisho 9 months ago
*Kneeling,* illiterate one.
Tegis 9 months ago
Obviously it is difficult for both of us to understand how it is apparently to
Golabar 9 months ago
Like most black and white thinking, a lot of nuance gets missed when you have this kind of mindset. People are complicated. There are very few people that are all A or all Z. And if you do find someone who's all A or Z - run away. LOL
Taujind 9 months ago
"So the suffering is necessary."
Ditaxe 9 months ago
Probably not. I like my pancakes without the special sauce. :)
Nenris 9 months ago
Congrats again, TJ. I'm glad to hear that all is well, and before you know it he'll be mopping the floor with you in debates!
Dakora 9 months ago
I was very close to ?dropping? nails where they sit and wait.
Nasar 8 months ago
You?re grasping at straws here. The fact is, the vast majority of planets we observed are determined to be uninhabitable. Then you have maybe a handful of ?maybes?
Shajar 8 months ago
I'm glad you don't, and that most don't. But you have no idea how many times I've seen preachers and apologists say that if god wasn't there watching them, that they'd be out there raping and killing because there would be no reason not too. Hell, even Jordan Peterson tries to push that type of logic.
Donos 8 months ago
I am one of "the inerrant Word of God people" and I say this to you:
Tor 8 months ago
You are right. I should not say you are merely uninformed. But that is a half-truth. It is not true to say the RO are to blame for Stalin. Stalin is to blame for Stalin, not the RO. But atheists are like people who follow God, there is good and bad among them, just as there is good and bad among the RO. Good and bad runs through all beliefs, but those who follow God, and those who are atheists. All fall short of being all good, or all bad, thankfully. Though Hitler was near being all bad, as was Stalin. We all need to be good, and it is true, I make many mistakes, so I need to be better.
Malasida 7 months ago
The kind that still needs their $55
Faulmaran 7 months ago
Christianity is a religion built on the back of human sacrifice to the gods.
Kebei 7 months ago
But it's not true. It's Pan Genek spreading their hate.
Fenribar 7 months ago
Oh, so you don't support the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association? Duly noted.
Malalkree 7 months ago
Why are Ohio Republican owned businesses hiring illegal aliens?
Guzahn 7 months ago
I like all religions, all religious people because they are at their core dreamers and visionaries. Even the fart blossoms of a faith, deep inside of them have something magical. They believe that there is a world beyond this one. That's visionary. Not that I want to be an ISIS captive or the wife of David Koresh, but in general I find religious people so much easier to get along with.

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