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"AC/DC In the US we use AC only. Power generation is highly centralized and follows roughly the same grid that was installed all willy nilly when electricity was still a new thing. The grid itself is inefficient and when something goes wrong it affects huge areas. DC is not the answer for transmitting distances, but decentralization is still quite valuable. having a huge number of small green plants distributed throughout the grid would stabilize it greatly."

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Maugul 4 months ago
Make my day Flynt Plywood.
Mabar 3 months ago
Hmmm. Please, count all the people killed in the ?name? of atheism, then count all the people killed in the name of one of the multitudes of gods.
Akilrajas 3 months ago
Lol! My head is just in the clouds sometimes. I was lost in thought and walked into a telephone pole.
Felabar 3 months ago
Macron, just stop France from stinking as it has for centuries. That?s all the environmental mess you need fo clean up. Le pew!!!
Bazragore 3 months ago
The notion of free will, as most people interpret it, is actively being proven false by neuroscience. There's significant research showing that free will is quite often anything but free will.
Kigat 3 months ago
That's interesting. I have Muslim friends who keep copies of most major religious texts so they can teach comparative studies to their children as is age appropriate. I on the other hand grew up in a Christian family that did not allow even comic books in the house lest they act as a portal for the Devil.
Morn 2 months ago
Yep. Let's cancel Social Security and Medicare.
Dile 2 months ago
On that basis of error then... I'd disregard the book.
Fenrijas 2 months ago
There is only ONE text.
Akilabar 2 months ago
The fractional size having something to do with the probability it was created.
Nizilkree 2 months ago
A bit off topic but would you extend this logic to circumcision?
Gocage 1 month ago
He will lose if he does it again.
Samut 1 month ago
Baloney. No Jews in Egypt, no Red Sea parting, no eye witnesses of Jesus, even the Chinese who were heavily vested in trade in the area mentioned nothing and they documented everything. Its a myth. I mean, you can just read the story and it is absurd. You have to love this god with all of your heart and all of your mind, and he sees everything that you do and if you don't love him more than your children he will send you to a place where you will suffer for all eternity. That my friend is the essence of sadomasochism. Look it up.
Tenos 1 month ago
Admiring da Vinci,I used to wonder if instead of a rarely occurring outlier,what the results would have been if the prevalence of da Vincis had been increased by a factor of 10,20 or whatever within a given previous span of time.Would the results have culminated in the world as an armed nuclear camp awaiting its Armageddon/Strangelove moment in the 17th century?
Dunos 1 month ago
I take it from actual friends who live there. Not from extremist assholes.
Dok 4 weeks ago
Old friend of mine got her tubes tied by the doc she was a nurse for. She ended up getting pregnant. It was not a pleasant exchange.
Nizshura 4 weeks ago
If a hootie-and-the-blowfish look alike is your thing, who am I to judge.
Galmaran 2 weeks ago
But not flawed in the way you think it is. It has nothing to do with his rights being violated. It?s more of a procedural flaw. If they had prosecuted correctly the verdict would probably stand.
Akinom 2 weeks ago
No. Not in the constitutional sense. Spotify isn't the government. And they didn't prevent people from listening to R Kelly at all, they aren't promoting his music.
Tojazuru 1 week ago
All Praise His Noodlyness and the Holy Sauce!
Daimuro 3 days ago
Getting silly answers to asked questions probably goes a long way towards explaining why someone goes atheist.

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