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"And your's has been tainted by, I dunno, maybe indoctrination? Do you have any idea of the factual errors and contradictions in your holy book?"

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Blood spewed all up my body and the couch. She was moaning louder and with every forward drive, a brief "Ahhh" escaped from her wide-open mouth.

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Kazinos 9 months ago
Translation: You keep NAILING it--and it gives me the sadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Zulkigar 9 months ago
It may be an old factor, and I DO know a family every now and then that seems bad immature if not law-breaking from top to bottom (lived next door to one of those before they abandoned their house), but I also think there's a component of stability too most of the time.
Kagagami 9 months ago
I did not say unconstitutional, the question was more meant as "how does this align with the spirit and intention of the constitution".
Zulkiramar 8 months ago
It is full of horrifying threats and degrading instructions.
Mezinos 8 months ago
Someone asked why people take their children to Disney. I thought they were referring to the adult nature of the Disney park and Disney films; subjects which really turn fans of Disney completely off.
Gagal 8 months ago
Or make one of those posts that says: 'only kind hearted people will repost this' lest you be considered mean and cold.
Dougore 8 months ago
What does all to that have to do with what you said?
Garn 8 months ago
I useth the same word when I stubeth my toe.
Yozshull 7 months ago
I was hoping they would change because I figured if BOTH sides fought for the working class it would only benefit us as a whole.
Kazirr 7 months ago
I don't see anything unfair about each person deciding where their money goes, but this is getting way off topic XD
Mikalmaran 7 months ago
After further review I have to say the atheist is the worst.
Arashigami 7 months ago
you would have to prove that statement is true. You can't
Nir 7 months ago
Stop while you are behind. Science has shown us the sun is a star but it hasn't shown us it isn't a God.
Gardat 7 months ago
The universe spontaneously came into existence. It began with itself and ends with itself. That is your belief, right?
Gozragore 6 months ago
Why is it grown men who debate this topic on a daily basis , can't learn the difference between a hypothesis and a theory?
Gojind 6 months ago
I gave you the address 5 times.
Juramar 6 months ago
That isn't the case though. Not all are going to vote NDP.
Mezijora 6 months ago
God is a product of thought and thought is a product of God.
Zulunos 6 months ago
I have tools I bought there 2 years ago and haven't used yet.
Gotilar 6 months ago
Add to it that, most of the time, antiscientific dumbos ''forget'' (or ''seem'' to forget) that what's called ''natural evolution'' is FAR from being
Mujin 6 months ago
but my question is,, why cant you flip a switch some how, and get lots of women hitting on you?
Guzil 6 months ago
Double standard then?
Nijind 6 months ago
I think it's safe to assume that the universe will continue to operate as if there is no god. As long as that is the case, there's no point in speculating whether one exists. A non-involved god is completely irrelevant and useless, so who cares?
Malaramar 5 months ago
Can I assume the fact you ignored the substantive part of my comment means you agree that your idea that new findings in evolutionary biology destroys the theory is bunk?
Fenrihn 5 months ago
Lois a baker has a license. A business license. As such he has agreed to follow the law and to serve everyone equally and to not discriminate. If he does not like it he can choose to be a private club operation open only to Christians. He is breaking the law. It isn't about his faith it is about him treating others illegally which in a secular nation is NOT protected by his religion. The rights of everyone come first.
Arashirn 5 months ago
By process of elimination, you're going to ask to decline your ballot at the polls.
Shakazilkree 5 months ago
Here is Alan Guth explaining that everything comes from nothing during the inflation process:
Arakora 4 months ago
I would argue that, if there is a "hole" within the human species, it can be filled with the individual's passion, or what brings them meaning and inner joy. For some people that is parenthood. For others it may be serving their fellow man, or being a teacher, or an airline pilot, or, or, god(s) necessary.
Kazishakar 4 months ago
I know some really stupid people with phds
Tygolabar 4 months ago
It?s clear you have mental issues.
Mazuzilkree 4 months ago
Well, women are the weaker vessel after all. Why should they get any consideration at all. We went wrong when we started to let them vote. They got all uppity after that.
Arashirn 4 months ago
Happy birthday Tex!
Vizahn 4 months ago
It's the unbeatable low prices.
Mazshura 3 months ago
I like to watch childrens tantrums, don't do it!

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