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"Let me paraphrase the sentence and see if it makes more sense to you:"

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Cindy was first and she started yelling as she felt the pressure build. Luckily, there wasn't any beer in it. Plus, Kristy and I have our own tent. I looked down to see Nate pull them off and start sucking my dick.

They were classy and had only two small leather belts which would hold them onto their models foot. The men jeered at her. Without warning he pulled down my jeans and my foor panties. I didn't pay much attention to him.

She opened her robe exposing her huge tits to Mike. When you're finished, you'll slide the bag under the door to me. "Oh what a pity I never met you earlier: I could have introduced you to Lord Thornaby.

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Kazragul 1 year ago
You're on your own Mr. French. You bought it, you own it.
Taushakar 1 year ago
So Trump using them to show how great Trump is makes them valid now, and Trump using them to show Obama was not doing well made them invalid then?
Tojakree 11 months ago
I am tired of so called conservatives attacking Trump because he doesn't do what they think a president should do or act. Trump has passed some of the most conservative legislation and yet they still attack him. Trump is not a politician and you can't put him in that mold. The elitist conservatives with their high and mighty "goals" do absolutely nothing to stop the liberal agenda and haven't done anything for decades while Trump did more in 1 year than they have in years. Peters needs to quit his whining, shut up and get behind Trump.
Dunris 11 months ago
2.8 billion years is quite a range of error :-)
Tukazahn 11 months ago
Yes, sad news. :-)
Moogujin 11 months ago
Yes I used to do this as well. I blocked them on my phone, everywhere. I wouldn?t call Venmo social media and it would?ve never occurred to me that there are people like looking at your transactions
Nikot 11 months ago
Are you still using poetic metaphors to express yourself?
Nale 11 months ago
Care to explain how a sense of hope and joy in death (assuming those to be the wishes of the about-to-be decedent) cannot be achieved through secular means? If you can't, you lose!
Zoloshura 10 months ago
Since I've been heavy into genealogy for many years, it's easier to grasp the concept. Tracing a line from today backwards, one would think "okay, everybody has a mom". But tracing a line from say 8-10 generations ago to today, it becomes obvious how it happens. Many women never married, or only had sons, or had daughters who never married, or only had sons, or no children at all. Every line I've traced has broken lines on either the male side or the female side. Some lines virtually disappear. Example: My Grandmother was a McConnell. Traced this line back to GGG-Grandparents. Traced the line back down each of the descendants. Today, there are no members of this line named McConnell (although there are many who descend from the GGG-Grandparents).
Faushura 10 months ago
Probably because they are more often called out for racism AND sexism.
Vojinn 10 months ago
I think they are entirely different. To reiterate: Monica said she pursued him and was willing.
Nikolkree 10 months ago

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