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"The pagan religion absorbed resources too. There's no clear evidence that Christians were more consumptive than being a pagan."

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Couples Theater Strangers!

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Akijar 9 months ago
yu didn't see what Psalm 33:6 says by the word were all the heavens made and all the hosts of them by the breath of his mouth!!!
Mikazshura 9 months ago
Proselytism /?pr?s?l??t?z?m/ is the act of attempting to convert people to another religion or opinion.
JoJogore 9 months ago
"Pagourtzis has a social media footprint that included an image of a custom T-shirt emblazoned with the words, 'BORN TO KILL' posted on Facebook and several images of a black duster jacket with Nazi, communist, fascist and religious symbols." (
Sale 9 months ago
That's what they all say.
Zulumi 9 months ago
twinsies and avoiding it with a passion...
Zuluzshura 8 months ago
I have faced more backlash for the traditional relationship I am in now, my more "men don't always have to suck, do they?" comments than when I decided to get a PhD. My female friends are allegedly feminists who talk about the right to choose, but when I do choose and they don't approve I'm brainwashed or hypnotized by him. He's the bad guy.
Aralkree 8 months ago
Both my uncles didn't get married until they were older men and they still lived in my grandparents house. I would have never left
Akikinos 8 months ago
The God explainable by science was never God to begin with - it was only the God of the gaps.
Mezirn 8 months ago
True. I grew up in such an area with rampant crime. Tons of cops.
Zololabar 8 months ago
False premise. It did not take Him too long.
Tukree 7 months ago
I would also like to see income level and quality of life for the area. Many low income and naive will look at pregnancy as an escape. Education will not change that.
Daim 7 months ago
I don?t entirely disagree with your above position
Dill 7 months ago
And mentally ill
Taurr 7 months ago
You and cannot do those things, God can.
Dashura 7 months ago
Not yet but on my list and within driving distance. Not a TSA fan.
Got 6 months ago
Rule of thumb, the left does not believe in free speech.
JoJorr 6 months ago
heh, heh, heh
Keshakar 6 months ago
Like Mrs Clinton did in the third debate
Meztikree 6 months ago
Thank you. I'm foreign. I don't know how the language works 100%.
Nigis 5 months ago
Any part written by men . Especially the parts written at minimum 100 years after death.
Voodookazahn 5 months ago
"The nature of the event makes it different because the people getting married are gay."
Zulkishicage 5 months ago
And yet? This wisdom of god, allowed his followers and allows his followers to this day? To commit incredible Crimes Against Humanity.
JoJonris 5 months ago
Did you even consider that there are millions in this country that can't afford tommorows lunch money for their kids? Rather than petsonally empowering these people the religious would prefer to administer benefits post shakedown.

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