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"Whatever you have to keep telling yourself. Talk about what happened before Jesus. Talk about the culture at the time. Talk about it like it was ever right. Talk about how territories to be taken. Go ahead and ride your holier than thou horse."

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Jugami 1 year ago
C) it?d be nice if they didn?t, but I?m not sure if it?s realistic. Ford would do the same if it were happening to someone else. It?s an election. Politicians never fail to grab the low-hanging fruit.
Kajizahn 1 year ago
"...what's your take on the parsonage law itself? Does it violate the 1st amendment...?"
Jushakar 1 year ago
Ok Well thanks for the insight.
Meshura 1 year ago
This is for Trump haters - This is who you are supporting -The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated) - This is from Veterans Today - Trump is not pro Israel - He is playing a game - Israel will be next to go down-
Tora 1 year ago
Humans can't kill a god.
Aram 1 year ago
The Protestant Church doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation for peace and acceptance either, though.
Shaktihn 1 year ago
Playing a monster onscreen representation of a monster irl is nothing new. It is how we get movies based on WWII, some actor played the part of Hitler too. The only thing I dont like is that if the movie doesnt actually show the horrors of the monster been portrayed and actually try to romanticize / normalize it then I am against the whole movie all together.
Meztizshura 1 year ago
So is masterson
Yozshugami 1 year ago
Good for you guys. Damn good.
Motaur 11 months ago
Only God alone knows and understands all things, do not you think, fellow Christians and hilarious "popes"?
Mam 11 months ago
This is so ridiculous, it?s funny!
Arashibei 11 months ago
Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!
Mizshura 11 months ago
I agree they think that. I disagree it is valid. In fact, stats reveal quite a different story in reality
Zulkile 11 months ago
How could you have killed Jesus if he never existed? Jesus is a made up myth as is the guy in the sky. You can trace this myth way back.
Barisar 11 months ago
It is a canard just like the atheist (and I am one) one about religion caused the Crusades. The answer to both is the quest for power and the cult of personality.
Duzragore 10 months ago
Use the research engine of your choice to learn. Infants are blank canvases - that is well understood by academia. They need to be taught to love, hate, be kind, empathize, etc. There is nothing instinctual about morality, as it is entirely subjective.
Kajinris 10 months ago
So. The claim was, its responsible to kill it if you can not feed it. So a mother of a newborn who she can not feed fits the example perfectly.
Malabar 10 months ago
Another strawman argument courtesy of Johnny.
Necage 10 months ago
A lot of people, including atheist biologists, don't accept evolutionary theory 100%. So what.
JoJom 10 months ago
Just as offensive.
Vitaxe 10 months ago
sure, I think the flood is a good example. I have no issue with the story. I have no issue with one believing god told the story about the flood to stress the importance of leading a good life.
Faut 10 months ago
Why is that funny?
Bazil 9 months ago
You don't see that us paying high tariffs to Mexico could be a good thing for Mexico and it's citizens. With more money in their economy maybe so many won't have to flee their home and move here. The problem you have is that you aren't thinking objectively you are speaking from your own blind hatred even if it doesn't make any sense.
Kashura 9 months ago
And just why does religion have to be altruistic?
Kezshura 9 months ago
Incidentally I'm not a Peterson fan - I don't trust anyone who willingly worked for the UN.
Faejas 9 months ago
Browser history -- No criminal history, no diary, and no journal hehe.
Tetaur 8 months ago
Well, of course. But the 'basic PRINCIPLE' can be applied in many 'different' situations. Perhaps you're not aware of that; and that's ok. You'll learn more over the years. Stick with it.
Voran 8 months ago
Agreed. The ability to intuit the emotions of others and care about it is part of being a social animal.

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