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"Well, Not too sure how deep to go but to get things started, the laws of cause and effect do not allow any effect to occur without a cause. Atheists believe that there was once nothing and then it exploded and created order. This violates the law of causation and is not observable. Everything that exists has a cause. That can be observed. Atheists believe in sponaneous Generation (the idea that life just pops up spontaneously by random chance. ) It violates the low of biogenesis. We observe variation within species, but evolutionists can't explain how it got started. We observe that there are limits to the variation within species. It's called genetic load. The gene pool gets shallower, not deeper!"

Lilymeadows live recording 9/1/17

The more I eat the gooder your ass tastes. There was one particular guy who I had seen there regularly and couldn't help but notice.

Lilymeadows live recording 9/1/17

Something over the sound of the howling wind outside. Neither Timmy or Sally had anything on and Julie saw that Timmys penis was once again at half mast.

The conversation was beginning to get a little more philosophical then I'd hoped. "You are one filthy fuck slut; and I love it" he shouted out and began shooting stream after stream of his hot cum into her cunt.

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"Okay. So Raaj didn't have to go straight away, which made me disappointed to realise we could of had more time together. John nodded, then got to his feet and walked away. He was sleeping as I pulled a chair with all my strength closer to collgee.

"You're so fucked up. " My conditioning regiment was already paying dividends. The three women by now were well gone in pure pleasure, the one in the middle had the vibrator deeply in her pussy, with the others licking at her clit. Cindy Gramnies up allowing Mike's cock deep inside her cunt.

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JoJocage 11 months ago
The fourteenth amendment does not grant constitutional rights to the unborn. The word "person" has been found to refer to the born. If we're talking facts, Roe v Wade determined such. As of today, that determination has not been reversed. That's not a knee-jerk emotional response, that is law. A pregnant woman has the constitutional right to determine the fate of her unborn a point. That is the law. And I totally, 100% agree with it.
Tygolkree 10 months ago
I'm not good with that but that isn't really the point. The point is that if you're going to split the theists into at least two then you should balance the equation.
Moogujas 10 months ago
He gets points for enthusiasm.
Micage 10 months ago
Yep, see my above comment. Had it been murder, Indiana code would allowed him to be tried as an adult he's at least the age of 12 years. But since the victims survived...that ruled out that possibility since it isn't murder now.
Gojind 10 months ago
We keep asking you for the citation to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that falsified ToE. You refuse each time. Why?
Nezuru 10 months ago
this exchange needs your attn:
Diktilar 10 months ago
So-called "Christianophobia" is mostly whining by the extremists within Christianity because of the proper backlash to their presumed right to judge and then try to limit the civil rights of others in the false name of "freedom of religion. Real Christians, just like all truly spiritual people, whether members of organized religion or not, understand that other people won't always understand or appreciate their personal beliefs. Social and political pushback for the efforts of social conservatives to dictate human rights for other groups is not "Christianophobia." It's simply social justice and all the holy hypocrite whining in the world won't change that reality. When a self-styled "Christian" tries to use their community prominence to harm the lives of others, I choose to avoid doing business with them. That's not any sort of "phobia;" it's just common sense.
Jut 10 months ago
Outstanding platform....Vote Doug Ford
Gakus 9 months ago
Thanks for the demonstration of convoluted thinking. Its price less.LOL!!
Sharan 9 months ago
I know that is what you are doing. I am asking, what was God doing?
Kezragore 9 months ago
For those of you who ever plan to buy a new [build] home, here are some things I have learned in the process:
Voodoolmaran 9 months ago
No idea how I got invited into another HG rant... but since I'm here...
Mazuran 9 months ago
If you worked here you could lol
Gardakora 9 months ago
Do you still play Vinyl?
Zulmaran 9 months ago
Human beings has rejected God and does not want His interference. So He stays put. Only those that ask Him to be part of their lives are reaping the benefits.
Nazshura 8 months ago
They are enormous plants. There's a couple that grow on the opposite river bank. Sometimes the flower heads are the size of a child's umbrella. The size is what attracts people to them. They are like Queen Ann's Lace on steroids. The township was always sending out notifications to warn us about them so they could come and dispose of them, yet when you call them they say they can't come and take them away. One of my neighbours covered the plant over with a huge garbage bag and chopped one down so kids wouldn't mess around with it.
Goshura 8 months ago
Nope ginsburg was asleep ??
Mikarisar 8 months ago
Also something to note. Do not be alarmed if/when you learn your credit score can/will vary between credit reporting agencies.
Mashicage 8 months ago
Not really, but we do all have a National Anthem, but they are used in different ways and occasions.
Mogor 8 months ago
Don't believe in the Big Bang? Some time ago some people didn't believe that the Earth isn't flat.
Zuluzuru 7 months ago
And thank you for yours, RebelRose.
Shagis 7 months ago
Lol now use it in a sentence
Samukinos 7 months ago
The problem for you is that Christian colleges and universities teach evolution not Intelligent Design Magic or Creation magic. These colleges are unaware of your claims that there are problems with the longest standing, best established, most useful, most productive scientific explanation we have ever had. Maybe you, with all your grand knowledge should contact the Christian academic community and tell them to stop teaching that dang evolution and teach your magic tree, talking snake, rib woman story in their biology classes. ROFL! How does one become so arrogant and ignorant may I ask?
Zulkree 7 months ago
""There is nothing in the Bible that is false"".....
Malataxe 7 months ago
Of which the vast vast preponderance has been cultists trying to impose the dangerous mind pollution of religion on them.
Tum 7 months ago
The freedom of speech thing is there so we can criticize the government, not so we can freely tell anyone whatever the hell we want. Speech is marginalized in many ways. You can't threaten the President. You can't should "Fire" in a movie theater. You can't cast libel against others.
Mogal 6 months ago
Not usually, no. Not in my neighborhood or families.
Kagagul 6 months ago
I don't think anyone deletes duplicates, but may close if the same OP author tried to post something twice. That would not be allowed.
Bakazahn 6 months ago
It is a courtesy to honor a person's SENSE of their own gender above the physiological characteristics that define gender. It's mighty ballsy (if I may use that word) to DEMAND others ignore their own convictions especially when having a penis isn't a matter of CONVICTION.
Nikokus 6 months ago
So all the articles that show racism around the world are all wrong? Must be nice living in your tiny little bubble.

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