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"Thanks for sharing this Amy. Linda had also said that her behavior could be due to a medical issue. And who knows, maybe it is. But I like this because it is a good reminder to have compassion for people because you never know what's going on in their life."

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Shakajinn 1 year ago
I think the invites drop off after 30 day of not commenting on a particular channel.
Milkis 1 year ago
Oh yes she did! She got hired at Harvard using that lie. Warren is a useless scumbag
Kajikasa 11 months ago
Attorney at a legal aid-type organization.
Bam 11 months ago
It isn't overwhelming documentation.
Kagatilar 11 months ago
Nope. We need it to get closer.
Kazralmaran 11 months ago
Really though, have you all been in these areas? They are vastly more patrolled than ?white? areas (really it?s a money thing, not as much a race thing).
Dilmaran 11 months ago
Always hated that.
Fecage 11 months ago
There's the stuff right there....
Vogami 10 months ago
Objective morality isn?t a question. It?s not even a complete thought. You need at least a noun and a verb to make a complete thought.
Aragrel 10 months ago
Not sure what this is about
Dakus 10 months ago
What ever life you have or got is 1000000 times better than not getting a chance for anything. Or that's my thought sense I was so close to the not getting any life.
Gardall 10 months ago
Just for completeness:
Kagabar 10 months ago
"Really? So it's liberals that want to build a wall and deport all the brown people?"
Malarr 9 months ago
Owl, I see.
Taugami 9 months ago
no one ever said the bible is exclusively bad, it is merely also really bad. others being bad doesn't cancel out the evil supported by your book. if you believe that there are certain circumstances where it is ok to own another person, like the excuse you made for your book above, then you are immoral. I'm sorry if you feel attacked, don't own people. don't own people should have been one of the commandments. there are hundreds of other examples like this. anyways, if you're going to the lengths you already have to make excuses, nothing I could say will matter.
Grogal 9 months ago
I do - and I vote as well. Worshipping rich people, however, is NOT something I do.
Gushakar 9 months ago
Always hoped that Manta Rays would be moving up the ladder after reading the Girl of the Sea of Cortez in my youth by Peter Benchley the Jaws author for some strange reason.
Goltibar 9 months ago
Probably originates from when humans evolved to a state where our children started to depend on their parents for an extended period after birth. That would be the time when we had to form families and groups of families. So a very long time ago :-)
JoJoramar 9 months ago
Hardly as I lived there most of my life. It has changed and not for the better and yes it is still safe in comparison to many others but IMO country life can't be beat. No fear, just choice.
Tojazilkree 9 months ago
Because knowledge is power Dancyness!
Malasida 9 months ago
Fox has taken it to a new level
Dira 9 months ago
So then I guess you would want females that miscarry to go away for manslaughter as well.
Tatilar 8 months ago
shouldn't at least wait for the poor behavior
Arashirr 8 months ago
In The SUN. God knows it is a female hockey club
Sara 8 months ago
Way better to have an offline social life.
Nikocage 8 months ago
?The road to hell is paved with good intentions?
Vigami 8 months ago
Yes Stallion dear,thats exactly what he said.
Arakazahn 8 months ago
Lol I guess that?s kinda vulgar- you know what I?m saying ??
Taukazahn 8 months ago
The burden of proof lies with the one claiming he rose from the dead. No facts needed for those who don't claim it
Tatilar 8 months ago
Right. You either did not look or have no grasp on Google. There are many articles listed. Here is one.
JoJogore 8 months ago
NM...I like my teeth!
Shaktijar 8 months ago
That you recognize, but you're still certain that means there isn't an intelligent creator.
Voodoogis 7 months ago
As long as we stay out of each others way and respect the laws that are in place or amended fine by me.
Gakus 7 months ago
"How's it working out for the Europeans?

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