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"They have found plenty. Perhaps you should visit one of your local natural history musea?"

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His giggles had dissipated, but he still seemed to be in his typically good mood. He wanted each wife to have her own room so he could visit her and screw in private.

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Voodoor 11 months ago
Well, of course that is my point.
Shashakar 11 months ago
As a white male: I strongly disagree that a system set up for me to live well isn't in my best interests.
Negar 11 months ago
I don't like well done either, especially at restaurants. They get it to the point that it's dry.
Zulujora 10 months ago
Never stated that God changes, there is no God so it is a given that nothing can change.
Arashim 10 months ago
"Read a lot" that's the main ingredient. If you assume "You know science" and deny climate change based on your conservative views, you are an imbecille. Or if you deny it simply because you are a Rught Winger, like Republican politicians will say, "I'm not a scientist but I don't believe", then you are an imbecille.
Kigrel 10 months ago
If a person who takes the life of a pregnant woman is charged with TWO murders then, yes, abortion is murder - institutionalized murder but murder nonetheless.
Moogular 10 months ago
It is my understanding that the OT prophesy regarding Isreal was fulfilled during the Maccabean Wars or 70 AD, specifically Isaiah and Zechariah. Thank you for your thoughts, Johan. Im not sure how this relates to the topic i.e. the second coming. ???????
Zuluktilar 10 months ago
Does the purchase of ladders in Mexico affect the stock in ladder companies here in the states???
Dukree 9 months ago
That everyone noticed your approach and chose to yield right of way?
Midal 9 months ago
Not sure I follow your comment. Yes, genome commonality between species correlates to the phylogenic classification which supports the theory of evolution. For example, looking at a specific gene and comparing its presence in other species correlates to the phylogenic distance as well. In other words the gene shows up more in species that are closer to humans that is does in species that are more distant evolutionarily. (
Goltinris 9 months ago
Right but apparently these folks are nearly 8 and no engagement even.
Zukus 9 months ago
Seeing that you are called 'Uncle Screwtape', doesn't that automatically mean I must assert my faith in the opposite direction to your response?
Akinoshakar 9 months ago
I don't know. Why not just zap everything into order? Correct everything with a wave of his hand or a word.
Gomuro 9 months ago
By the way I went over rules, I guess reading and comprehension for you is still a work in progress.
Dular 8 months ago
Actually, it won't. It will boost the chances of a CPC victory. And hey!! LOOKIT that, the CPC leading the polls!
Arashikinos 8 months ago
I don't remember all my conversation so I apologize if we are repeating.
Voodoocage 8 months ago
""If you genuinely think the Bible is meaningless, difficult fiction, why get involved in a discussion about it with someone for whom it's important and meaningful? Why waste emotional energy on it?""
Kakora 8 months ago
Not at all, you are welcome.
Zutilar 8 months ago
Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' It's like Bill nye the Science guy, but with food. De mystifies a lot of stuff too.
Yozshur 8 months ago
Again with the "IF". Mindless sheep deal in "IF's". Because if it's an "IF", then it could be anything. What "IF" the moon is made of cheese. Just think about it, and heres the proof, straight from the holy cheese book.
Mezijinn 7 months ago
My mother loves me. If what is professed in the bible is actually love, I want nothing to do with it, and this god of yours can go to hell.
Nikorg 7 months ago
Almost every western I watched growing up was like that. None of them ever had a girlfriend and that didn't go on shooting rampages because of it
Bataur 7 months ago
That answers my question. This is against the law, I dont agree with criminals regardless of their religion or color.
Kegor 7 months ago
Quite the contrary, merchant caravans traveled hundreds of miles in a matter of weeks.
Tojami 7 months ago
Prophecy. If it happens as stated it proves God exists.
Tygozuru 6 months ago
Your reasoning is circular. That proves absolutely nothing at all.

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