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"My one qualm with this is the prayer itself. It does not distinguish the type of prayer nor what was actually prayed for."

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I knew I couldn't cum in both holes of each girl, and I would hate to leave any of these girls without an orgasm.

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Fake Hospital Shy patient with soaking wet pussy squirts on docs fingers

she took one look at my cock and engulfed it in her warm mouth. It wouldn't be long before it descended into an orgy.

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Vukasa 10 months ago
Sure, they?re scribel errors that have occurred over the millennia of transmission. Nothing significant though. Are you a Bible scholar I just go by what people tell you or read an atheist website?
Vujas 9 months ago
??Ain?t nothing like the real thing ba-by??
Duramar 9 months ago
Forced to upvote your water conservation habits
Voodoonos 9 months ago
Sorry for this incident on ur Discussion Kaye...I guess this is a sensitive subject...My bad??
Faelkis 9 months ago
If there is a creator I would question how intelligent it was, and how good it was.
Talabar 9 months ago
He belongs to the Joe My God blog clique. That's the echo chamber where you have to take the position of very specific enemies : bad = Christianity; Israel ; any police department ; Fox News (they call it Faux News) ; Texas ; Alabama ; Mississippi ; Ireland; Irish and Irish-Americans; white males ; Trump (of course) ; Roman Catholicism; Mormons, and good= Islam and Hillay Clinton. If anybody doesn't agree with it you scream "How are things in Russia??" or just "Troll!". It's just a comfort zone for the bitter.
Gardall 9 months ago
I, on the other hand, will not work for any of you here or your families.
Akinogis 9 months ago
Apparently you don?t, FR. Even a grade 9 physics class could tell something cant come into existence by creating itself.
Mikazragore 8 months ago need some reality here bud. Its never been adequate to explain new splits and is never cumulative. Its a myth. Yes, species change...but its not built upon. Its stasis. What's gained is eventually lost.
Faurn 8 months ago
Agreed ice cream trucks are old school but I still want one
Kajigul 8 months ago
Great video! Thanks!
Kigar 8 months ago
Yo stop playing Ann, you know who this is, i only have the sexiest voice here?? lol
Faelar 8 months ago
Umbrellas and boots?
Tokinos 8 months ago
Go Trillium Party!
Tygolar 7 months ago
Howa about the lack of diversity?
Yozshum 7 months ago
Well, after all, she is a Republican. Kind of goes along with treason.
Grojin 7 months ago
No you are cheerleading a lack cause.
Mooguk 7 months ago
So why don't you make another universe, just to prove your point?

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