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"I don't block here bc it's useless anyway since everything is still shown on the mod panel. I don't block on other channels bc I'm too f*cking nosy and need to know what everyone is saying."

Girl Held Hostage -- Tongue Fucked, French Kissed

"But how much of this -" Supergirl shivered. "So, um, I should take your panties off and then lick you?" "God, you are an airhead," I groaned.

When he came to bring our drinks, I told my wife to drop her purse, and pick it up, making sure the waiter would have a great look at her cleavage, if possible even give him a glimpse of her nipples.

Girl Held Hostage -- Tongue Fucked, French Kissed

a nice flat tummy that led to perfect pert 34B's still developing into 34C's. I threw caution to the wind, thrusting hard and fast as I fastened my mouth to one of her larger mammaries and sucked. She liked the taste and licked and sucked his cock until he was dry. It was euphoric.

Wait till she feels your cock Millers; I have never known a hand like hers". This guy was more aggressive with the spanking and even in the low light of the movie I could see his ass change to a red color.

(an hour later) When I called Nate, he immediately recognized my voice and asked what had taken me so long to call. The other two girls were both engaged to be married soon; so there had been no real sexual liaisons during the trip. I was close to ecstasy.

Then I felt it. I guess you could say that your ganja literally saved your ass. "Right we are off to whip the local's asses; see you soon Kiki".

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Mushicage 11 months ago
I just want to reiterate
Vora 10 months ago
Yep,and now break up the goggle fasebook types for monopolies.
Mell 10 months ago
Meanwhile, the OP straps bombs to children and is proud of it...
Kagajind 10 months ago
Sweetie... Hugs for the pain. I will put prayers and healing vibes in the air and send them your way. I hate it when people hurt.
Arashigis 10 months ago
Yes, but like the lying snake, you tell half the truth to lure people in. It has been argued and they WERE NOT in "cahoots" as you claim. Any more than many EARLY ON in Hitlers reign. You could make the same case for many Dignitaries and people of Significance worldwide and especially Europe.
Vojora 10 months ago
I think you are reaching in terms of what you say the parable says, but you aren't far off with your atheistic version in terms of what I'd suggest.
Maushakar 10 months ago
"you said that you believe that any attainment of worldly things is a distraction"
Doramar 10 months ago
Not if it's for the same reason. The scale is different. The sentiment is the same. "We don't serve your kind around here."
Arashinos 10 months ago
You can be someone else if you want. I'll stick with being me.
Negar 9 months ago
Are you suggesting that today people
Teshura 9 months ago
I KNEW IT! I knew it wasn't Bow-eee. DAMN YOU Marylanders! Marylandiers? Marylandians?
Taugal 9 months ago
"why are you jumping to conclusions?"
Zulull 9 months ago
Is she a porn star?
Dilabar 8 months ago
I read that it had to do with the sentence structure, the prose and the content itself. Josephus die a devout Jew and would never have proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah.
Ganris 8 months ago
"They're selling ribs for $0.50 a pound! Fire up the barbeque!"
Zuluzuru 8 months ago
And it is a great tv show, once you get past the first season.
Akirg 8 months ago
I lived at home but my folks wouldn't help with college, none of us kids got any help that way at all. I put my kids into college to give them a head start. My oldest has her home paid off, while my youngest is still in school for animation. Where she will have to move for work is going to be very expensive to live, she knows she will never own a home there, she'll be lucky to find a good school for her own family in the big city. She's already worried about retirement, wants in with my financial advisor now. Most of her classmates are the same, some are living in bad locations just to go to college here, few have help from home. I think you are too hard on the average kid these days.
Vulabar 8 months ago
So you seem to have at least some basic understanding of morality. But could you defend it? What would be your argument against a fanatic who proclaims his enemies as children of the Nephilim? What about a dictator who oppresses his people to "keep the peace" and "protect the integrity of the country"?
Faezil 7 months ago
That sounds like it came from here...the new age bullshit generator:
Dukinos 7 months ago
When the entire encounters are known, the victim is in fact the perpetrator of non compliance. Failing to cooperate with law enforcement investigating a complaint can escalate eventually to a physical detainment/arrest. It happens in stages, so the person of interest always has several chances to cooperate. This piece was written not by a proud American, but by a professional victim.
Dogul 7 months ago
It is not "discrimination." It is religious liberty. And people should have respect for the sincere faith of Christians.
Mezimi 7 months ago
Nobody wants them.
Goltimuro 7 months ago
Your intentional self-contradiction is pointless and not even amusing.
Yole 6 months ago
Exactly. Jeez. You?d think Druggie really had a tough time of it with a popular Liberal premier or something.
Tauzragore 6 months ago
Hugs and endeavor to endure the morning!

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