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":People have been killing each other ever since we came down from the trees, regardless of religion or lack of."

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Had I changed that much Since my encounter with Raaj. "I'm going to fucking cum. No one could tell us apart when we were younger, and somehow I ended up with the same shortened name as her - Ellie.

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Then I saw Torre open her eyes and look scared, I asked what was wrong and she said, "She's licking my ass!" Apparently V took it upon herself to "ready" Torre as she put it.

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Samugore 10 months ago
Btw; did I ever alter my belief in order to ? be kind to certain people?? Absolutely not. Ann and I went round in circles over this! Now, do I believe in Christianity?
Kazrakora 10 months ago
Thank you for sharing your hypocrites standard.
Nezshura 10 months ago
"Funny how you can?t answer whether Dr. Baum quotes directly from Porphry as to the followers "
Madal 10 months ago
Name a moral value that it true no matter what, independently of human opinion, and how it that moral value arrived at objectively?
Arashitaxe 9 months ago
Same problem with Christians, before believing something they find silly they want some proofs, not for their god however, there is enough parents believe. :-)
Gashicage 9 months ago
Right, but you can't post that context that proves I'm "completely wrong" can you?. The context of John 10:35 proves you are completely wrong.
Gardar 9 months ago
At the end of the day I dont care what you think. Im sure the feeling is mutual. As it should be!
Mikakazahn 9 months ago
the churches could make very broad definitions of the commandments when it suits them. somehow playing magic games is the same as worshiping false gods.
Malarr 9 months ago
'19 Cup champions, baby!
Kinris 9 months ago
But how do you KNOW it's that God?? As Scrooge said, "...maybe it's just an underdone potato?"
Takasa 9 months ago
I didn't make the connection immediately either. I heard an interview with an Austinian who was angry that people were painting him as a "troubled" youth. The interviewee posed a very good question: Why not define him by his behavior - a terrorist and a suicide bomber? Why not indeed? Some of the people in the community were confused as to why black kids who kill people are "thugs" but white kids who do similar things are "troubled".
Kagacage 9 months ago
Trolling deleted, Johnson. That is enough out of you.
Mokasa 8 months ago
We spend time on criticising religion, because it still has the power to corrupt humans.
Arashilkree 8 months ago
Moron atheists and their blind religious faith.
Galabar 8 months ago
Vulnerability. Unease. Intimidation. The fact that rape numbers are 50 times higher for women by men than men by women (or men).
Kazigrel 8 months ago
I will agree that many atheists are not anti-theists, if you will agree that many theists are not anti-atheists.
Daigar 8 months ago
I play the piano, not the fiddle!
Yozshukora 8 months ago
Lol not at all.
Grogore 7 months ago
Explain, because you've failed to do so thus far.

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