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Mausho 1 year ago
Yes, but he is telling people who only had access to the OT.
Mazushicage 1 year ago
It's a global village? What kind of globalist bullshit is that? But certainly we twice elected a village idiot to represent us.
Nern 1 year ago
If that cop never pulled her drunk ass over, these accusations would never have happened.
Kijinn 1 year ago
Show me the baiting and lies.
Akisida 1 year ago
If I lived in a place that restricted me from having female "friends", I would like to think I would do whatever I had to do to move away from that place. It definitely helps not living in a place that restricts individual freedom though. There are plenty of men in this world who wouldn't lead you on or lie to you. Take this as a lesson learning opportunity and apply it to future online "relationships". Unless you meet face to face, you can never truly know who this person is or if what they write to you is true. Even video chatting doesn't replace the real person. I'm not a big advocate for online dating either though, I'm not very trusting of people and what I tell my own daughter is, if you haven't met a person face to face and hung out with them for awhile, they are not your friend. Then again, people can lie to your face too. Good luck.
Goltijind 1 year ago
People use Satan to excuse their own bad intentions and lack of social justice..
Samugal 11 months ago
I have seen that, its not as common as folks think however. The worse ones are the ones trying to "save" their marriage by "spicing it up" which is a huge mistake. Its a band aid at best, at worse its another issue for you to dig into and always a bad call.
Gardaktilar 11 months ago
The comic books which you try to lure the children with! You disgusting pedophile degenerate!
Moogunos 11 months ago
Not once did I apologize for being gay. Did you read my post? Not once was there an apology. I'm not sure what you meant by this very stupid post you sent me. Can you show me where I apologized? And you're actually the one that was spending all day talking about the kind of men you like, Cleetus. You love manly men. Thats what you keep saying.
Nasida 11 months ago
Your misuse of the word, "therefore" provides much needed comedy in these days of the current dilemma.
Bralrajas 11 months ago
I understand now.
Netaur 11 months ago
the same way l3-6ron keeps making the finals...the east is trash :P
Sarr 11 months ago
Keep shouting there little buddy.
Mojind 11 months ago
The theme I keep hearing chanted in unison by all the Jesus mythicists on this forum. "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care!" If you don't care, why are you debating it?
Zolojin 10 months ago
Depends. If she was almost 17 and you had just turned 19, maybe. Depends on the person. I definitely wouldn't have allowed any talk of marriage to be going on before she was 18.
Zuzuru 10 months ago
YES. RL Stine and the Babysitters Club books lol.
Darr 10 months ago
You sound reasonable
Voodoomi 10 months ago
Who are these "Christian fundamentalists"? And also what does the idiotic term "white nationalists" mean? Is there a nation called white?
Yozragore 10 months ago
We would grease you down with honey and stake you naked on top of a fire ant colony.
Dumi 10 months ago
If you were going to create a false story, fake God and false religion, you'd cut out the unpleasant bits. But the authors did not cut this out, because it's part of their history. It leads to its authenticity.
Vudocage 9 months ago
And here comes the line that I face everytime
Shaktitaxe 9 months ago
I don't want to be misleading. I think I would say, "that's nice", lol
Kikus 9 months ago
They got worked in game 1 though.
Vudogal 9 months ago
Agree. And Relationship with those that see this is so much more than just Wisdom.
Taushakar 9 months ago
Donnie will be "into" this meeting for a minute or two, then try to wrap things up so he can sightsee and play golf. Be interesting to see what happens there... and how it's spun.
Akinozuru 9 months ago
No I don't see any moral designation. What do you mean, in any case, by 'moral' designation? What are you sensing exactly when you say 'moral' wisdom?
Akinojas 9 months ago
Lol, so the bad writing in His book is my flawed thinking?
Mull 8 months ago
We are evil and depraved at heart. If it were left to purely my human nature, I might be filled with hate; however, by the grace of God, I can safely state I hope no one suffers eternity separated from God.

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