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"I'll have to think about that. I believe that it's possible that a supernatural being exists that can only be experienced subjectively but there is no way to prove that such a subjective experience has an objective reality."

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Tazil 1 year ago
13.82 billion minus 6,000 is a much larger error. :)
Dujar 1 year ago
Jesus Christ is the living God, and does these things as such, without the aid of demons.
Fenrizil 1 year ago
Report this to the Sanhedrin.?
Kagaramar 11 months ago
Hey Graigrathor! I didn't actually get your point. Are you swatting me or correcting me? What is your "religion"(belief system)? I will not argue or reply to you if your comments are mean spirited. I will not waste my time bickering and cutting someone apart and I appreciate the same from others. I do like sparing without blood, hey, hey. Thanks!!!
Brakasa 11 months ago
So maybe he was exposing your type of racist. What do you think of whites who display the confederate flag? Do you call them comrade?
Moogutaur 11 months ago
"More than half ? 88 of them ? died at or near the scene of the shooting, often by killing themselves." (
Moogukasa 11 months ago
An eye witness account would have contained "I saw John the Baptist....", or "this author was amazed at the miracle...."
Mazuzil 11 months ago
Every freakin night
Mikajas 10 months ago
Me too. It's hot out there too.
Brazil 10 months ago
Mr. Spong can only be a minion of Satan if that is his opinion.
Faerr 10 months ago
ok and I'm not denying religions have done these things.
Nimi 10 months ago
If you are speaking of agency or even what we are adept at, should a child with no love or skill at math be FORCED to take it "for their own good"? We often criticize parents for imposing things on their kids out of love and desire for that individual to have the best life, but when school systems impose them generically we accept for some reason. Take violin and piano, my parents forced those on me out of love and I'm glad to have those skills now. I can't say the same for gym where I was harassed like it was a sex show.
Maur 10 months ago
Gobble more sausage, sausage gobbler, Trump isn't going anywhere.
Gujinn 10 months ago
It is still a hotel last I checked (2009).
Kektilar 10 months ago
A parent yes, but he wasn't on law enforcement's radar like rhe Parkland shooter was. If the parents aren't doing their jobs law enforcement is our only hope of stopping him.
Zologore 9 months ago
I love that song. But I do always harken back to the original.
Tygozragore 9 months ago
If you choose eternal separation from God, that is your choice. It is said that the gates of Hell are locked from the inside.
Kigarg 9 months ago
the firmament isn't real, whys the bible wrong all the time?
Nalkis 9 months ago
Ugh... but who cares that he was bullying other people..
Shakam 9 months ago
Reminds me of a joke called "The Aristocrats".
Taumi 9 months ago
Come to Oklahoma during tornado season. You'll see some wind then.
Kiganris 9 months ago
Hmm, I would have suspected more softball players.
Feran 9 months ago
What valid points?
Torn 8 months ago
lol That person just wants to argue. If you disprove one of their points, they make a leap to argue some other point.
Vudojora 8 months ago
Can you name anyone? Can you provide any links?
Jushakar 8 months ago
Gee, another nothing burger, Republicans should start a franchise:
Akishura 8 months ago
I've never seen anyone on the internets express this exact opinion. My nerd self is shocked.

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