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"Everyone that these guys got information from must be fired and all security clearance removed."

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As soon as we got back to texaz safe house I herded the girls inside.

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When we got in the house Michelle and I went to the couch, while her husband sat near us in an arm chair. The camp leaders round up all the smaller girls, showing them all the places they could have their tent. RING RING RING I snapped awake in my bed, soaked in sweat and disappointed that it was, once again, only a dream.

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Fenrikinos 1 year ago
OK. It just seems strange to me, that's all. Not important, just wondered if you knew.
Vim 1 year ago
These people don't read so good do they?
Vudolkree 1 year ago
I don't think you understood what he said. Read again. No single cell mentioned. He instead suggested that the abiogenesis event wasn't unique and could possibly be repeated but "such matter would be instantly devoured or absorbed".
Nenris 1 year ago
How can anyone make heads or tails of that text? What kind of publication is this that they can't afford an editor? Lol
Migal 1 year ago
New pet peeve: People who do that Pee Wee Herman or Mr Bean type voice and really suck at it and think they're funny but are really just boring and annoying.
Bratilar 11 months ago
Yeah this OP is terrible. Let's try to ignore it. I am wondering how many Christians do you think separate their pro life views and what they think should be legal?
Femuro 11 months ago
1 We are not special, and so AI or some oddball mutation could displace us.
Zuluran 11 months ago
The graph is from the bureau of labor and statistics, not sure where the mother jones comment comes from but you simple folk are notorious for making things up as you go. The unemployment rate isn't much lower than when Trump took office and Trump has been riding on Obama's economic policies since early this year, so it's nice that you're willing to champion Obama's efforts from last year. We'll see how you feel once they start handing down indictments. ;)
Kagazahn 11 months ago
According to whom are these numbers for something?
Bajin 11 months ago
Of course they do, Sparky, of course they do.
Moramar 10 months ago
the big bang..... that was god saying....... hey pull my finger...... see what happens...... lol....
Kacage 10 months ago
The only delusion is the one where you think you have rebutted anything.
Vik 10 months ago
There was no time and space before humans observed it? That is the conclusion that flows from your misstatement of quantum physics.
Fern 10 months ago
Yes, you spam that comment on every science post at theists, so from now on, when you get spammy with it, it's getting deleted. Learn how to have constructive discussion.
Voodoozahn 9 months ago
Got a car show every Friday around here in the summer. About 4 times a year they have a really big one. Cars are a religion here.
Munos 9 months ago
You thought you were getting popcorn, and he offered a banana instead.
Meztishura 9 months ago
Exactly! Perfectly nondescript car, doesn't stand out in any way at all. Immediately forgettable.
Zulukora 9 months ago
Would be a different story if their pharmacy refused to fill scripts for opiods to MAGA hat wearers.
Mikagis 9 months ago
Just let him know, that you found out the neighbor is Lorena Bobbitt's daughter.. also helps if you are slicing up carrots or squash when informing him.
Kazrabei 8 months ago
Did you know it?s a sin to recieve the Holy Eucharist in a state of mortal sin? Mortal sin means breaking any of the 10 commandments. This means Catholics ?keep the Commandments of God? as a central requirement in order to be in Full Communion with Him and His Church.
Mazulabar 8 months ago
Knowing the possible result is in no way consenting to incubating to term. If it is there against her will it is an invader.
Kemi 8 months ago
5. Should students be able to distribute religious literature in school on their own time?
Nat 8 months ago
It's not personal style, it's a total lack of content, no rebuttals to the comments of others, no persuasive arguments for his own views. It's a combination of giggly memes and name-calling. He has nothing to offer outside of mocking those he dislikes. He's intellectually incapable of doing anything more.
Tojalmaran 8 months ago
someone else mentioned that and I totally agree. That is a fair criticism
Dikora 8 months ago
Under a consumption tax? Not at all. It's a lot easier with people making a lot of money to not spend it (or to get it outside the country).
Miran 7 months ago
There are people in Ontario that speak French you know. If he's for the people then he could, at least, attempt to talk to them all.
Fetaur 7 months ago
No shit, since that would be insane. But the media loves a bit of virtue signaling...
Mezil 7 months ago
This is true but also is the way they were raised. In order for that to change we gotta raise boys to respect women, not to see them as "flowers".
Zulkimi 7 months ago
?What do you mean, what do we get out taking them? Why is no one saying we do it because it?s the right thing to do?? - Sonic the Hedgehog, on refugees.
Tulkis 7 months ago
Look up the definition of "murder."
Kelmaran 6 months ago
I am an atheist. I didn't chose to be. I just discovered I was. But that has nothing to do with my political views, I am a liberal independent. I believe in government. I also believe in fair distribution of the wealth. I believe in a living wage law. I also believe in a woman's right to chose to bear or not bear children. I don't believe that everyone has the right to own a gun of any type. In other words, I believe in gun control.
Vular 6 months ago
Abomination is a KJV word. The literal translation is more like "taboo".

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