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"Why? Because some theists will grasp at any possible straw and draw unfounded claims to make nonsense seem to make sense."

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I try my best to be a goody tushy. So I guessed he now qualified to be an old guy. Couldn't get any better. The place was a mess.

I slipped on my cocktail dress and heels and admired myself in the mirror. Cindy found Mike attractive as well. They know things that we don't and might only learn about since we weren't here, but I finally got my dad to tell me and I wanted to come alone.

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Dudal 10 months ago
My point is if I thought I was that oppressed by another race I would move me and my family to a country where my race was dominant instead of complaining incessantly. Truth is, there is no country run by blacks where these blacks would be better off than here.
Gazragore 10 months ago
Religion need not inform science if secular philosophy does a better job... it does.
Akinozragore 10 months ago
prove he didn't
Jusho 10 months ago
Have you seen my latest discussion?
Tygokree 9 months ago
As a strong proponent of both free speech and free religious expression, I have no issues whatsoever with the former. Or the latter. Students should be able to choose which approach they prefer, so long as they are respectful about it.
Mizilkree 9 months ago
OK, piling on the trolley dilemma hate from my previous comment: I appreciate this criticism from the end of the Wikipedia article:
Kejora 9 months ago
i guess that depends on what your definition of "booming" is...
Meztiramar 9 months ago
and door jams and curbs and stumble going up steps and spill stuff and and and and and... Double the up votes... But I think they were looking for "Triggered"
Shalar 8 months ago
Evangelicals and "White" Catholics (as they are designated in the report) are not the sum of all Christians...
Gara 8 months ago
You don't exactly come across as someone who has a whole lot going for himself. In fact, you come across as the kind of hillbilly, shit-kicking, piece of shit that most of America makes fun of. Just sayin'.
Fenrile 8 months ago
You'll thank me. I promise!
Tetilar 8 months ago
If only he had ponied up for the cleaning bill for that blue dress. Always thought it was odd that she saved it in that state, like a trophy.
Zulkicage 8 months ago
In what way was anything I said irrelevant? I mostly talked about how guns enable greater injury and loss of life in scenarios like you talked about in your OP. Does your desire to be right outweigh your ability to consider other positions and respond to them?

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