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"Bless your heart. I guess the concept of analogy is too much for you to comprehend."

Miss Raquel - Fucks her Peeping Tom

Julie dialled and Roger answered immediately six thousand miles away and eight hours back in time. It did that all the time so I didn't think much of it but for some reason, as if by instinct, I decided to look at the text message that had popped up on the screen.

Miss Raquel - Fucks her Peeping Tom

"That's the bestest idea I've ever heard. I didnt mind anyways, I got nothing to hide. And it was dripping pre-cum into our booth. "Well, you get to meet cool people.

An Xtreme Images Entertainment Story. She could barely walk.

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Fezshura 8 months ago
western religion most certainly did not break through without the printing press. not sure how cars relate. there is also the little detail that the islamic world has only had the nation-state, a key component in europe's break from the medieval world, for about 60 years.
Bajind 8 months ago
What fact shows that Mohammed did not fly to Jerusalem on a flying horse? Not belief. Fact.
Zusho 8 months ago
is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? WHO GETS TO DECIDE???
Gashicage 7 months ago
I would ask if you feel that it is god that has brought us to this "better life" why has he left so many living in poverty and in fear of starvation and drought. Surely we would all have been upgraded to the "better life". What upgrade have the starving people living in abject poverty around the world had? I would say humans have strived for a better life and science has helped us to do that. But it's man not god that has done this in my opinion.
Megis 7 months ago
green: "No Jesus, no modern Science. How so? No Jesus, no Christian monks and monasteries"
Dougul 7 months ago
I thought it would be perfect if it just had blue bell ice cream. Lol
Nezuru 7 months ago
It's not awarding it, it's putting in policies to lower the amount of crime.
Gugore 6 months ago
If the courts took up his case and felt it was worth looking at its probably because there was something to address.
Kagalmaran 6 months ago
Because Paul as a Roman citizen, and it was why he was sent to Rome. He was also accused of being the Egyptian. But you won't know the significance of that, and judging by your pathetic attempt, you don't want to know anything outside your little delusional world.
Zulkisho 6 months ago
I feel that. Are these dogs of friends/ family you allow to be around, or is this just in passing?
Fenribar 6 months ago
Shouldn?t you be flagging everyone?
Daikree 6 months ago
It would depend on how the contract is written. If the contract was just for the photo shoot and didn't include rights to the pictures or even a copy of the pictures themselves, then Kim is SOL. The $300 would be just for the actual photo shoot.
Sagis 5 months ago
The bible stories are simply not true. So much of it has been debunked by science, that none of it can be trusted. There was no Egyptian Captivity, no Exodus or any of the rest of it. No United Kingdom of David and Solomon...all of this has been debunked by modern archeology, and there is zero evidence for any of the rest of it. An Egyptian historian, Mantheo says that Moses was a renegade Egyptian priest named Osarsiph who led an army of lepers and overthrew the Pharaoh. The Greek historian, Strabo simply claims that he was a renegade Egyptian priest. None of it is true.
Kajicage 5 months ago
Who fashioned the fashioner?
Dashakar 5 months ago
Wasn't I going along with the joke?
Mezizil 5 months ago
Religion promotes charity, love, community, education, and LIBERTY.
Fenririsar 5 months ago
How long have you been speaking for God?
Vurisar 5 months ago
I hate hats.
Vijas 5 months ago
The Mad Emperor... conning the obtuse Trumpanzees yet again!
Tatilar 4 months ago
It would certainly give some of Canada's wayward youth a life lesson.
Malajora 4 months ago
No it isn't. You purposefully choose to be ignorant about science in favor of bronze-age mythology.
Samujas 4 months ago
Because a reagion should be free to secede at a whim?
Zulkigar 4 months ago
Decision III. Lebron takes his talents to the Bay Area
Yohn 4 months ago
Pretty sure that back in the day misogyny sexism was still pretty bad despite the 'familial unit".
Mikar 4 months ago
Lack of evidence is: lack.....of......evidence. Logic requires if a Creator existed, evidence would have existed and discovered.
Fekasa 3 months ago
Which laws of God? Whose interpretation? Which denomination?
Moogukus 3 months ago
Stop shouting, Al. It'll make your posts just a tad less ridiculous. Just a tad.
Tular 3 months ago
Of course you don't, that's why people talk to therapists. Well, except for Narcissists since they cannot ever be convinced that anything they think, say, or do might have been problematic or counted as evidence of some sort of underlying psychological issue.
Faular 3 months ago
Do you use plastic or metal hangers?
Samujin 3 months ago
US and the bomb.
Akinojin 2 months ago
Slavery was essential for human civilization.
Dourisar 2 months ago
You are embarrassing yourself and your field, and you should stop before you are crazy enough to say that including leprechauns is a possible answer to life's questions.
Tarisar 2 months ago
That sounds like a cartoon I saw online, actually.
Kajishicage 2 months ago
I generally as a rule don't block people. Even if I disagree with someone's viewpoint, if they are reasonable, they are usually open to discussion so as to better understand. If they aren't reasonable, it's usually evident by their initial post, in which case I simply skim past it. I don't think I can imagine being so thin-skinned as to require blocking a stranger from saying mean things on the internets.
Malar 1 month ago
I agree the early years of a child?s life are so important. This why we need basic rules for

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