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"The kid?s Facebook page (according to the source the OP doesn?t cite but does quote) had him identify himself as an atheist."

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" I had bought beads that could be controlled with a remote. "Now maybe you two can learn something from these girls.

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Samuro 10 months ago
Bullshit. Whoever wrote the story was talking about what they were talking about: HELL.
Vudomi 10 months ago
A certain death in either the very last of season 3 or the first part of season 4...Did you make it that far?
Vudomuro 10 months ago
I like a leader who leads well, but knows when to let me decide things on my own. I'm independent but prefer equal give and take in a relationship. A laid-back SO wouldn't push me to try harder and I don't like someone relying on me. Intelligent enough to know his strengths and can see mine.
Gumuro 10 months ago
How old is this moron?
Vukora 10 months ago
"Foreigners know your history. That is why they stay shy of you. you are arrogant and disrespectful to them."
Gulkree 10 months ago
I like the first few Earthsea books, and the last two(?) are interesting but I'm not convinced they work together. It's too radical a shift of tone and perspective IMO.
Kasho 9 months ago
You're wrong, actually.
Gole 9 months ago
Welcome to LS ~DA. Please read the community guidelines. Have a nice time while you are here and enjoy your stay.
Kagagal 9 months ago
It actually doesn?t say what his raw material is in the article. I thought for sure I read it too fast but no, it insinuates that the material is steel but does not state that. Typical wapo article that pretends to be journalism.
Zolor 9 months ago
You might compare homicide figures for starters
Zurg 9 months ago
You appear to be ignorant of Islam as well.
Tokree 8 months ago
Religion came first, right?
Grosida 8 months ago
Well no. They were validated by a forensic video investigation.
Nitilar 8 months ago
I hate it.
Shaktigrel 8 months ago
Really? Never did that at a wedding. I just picked up a slice on a plate.
Vusar 8 months ago
Do I get it right, since some Christians behave badly against what Christianity teaches them, you will keep silent about Islam allowing rape in its holy scripture. And you call that rational?
Bradal 8 months ago
OK, you lost me. What does anything I have discussed here have to do with the ENSO cycle? Please be specific.
JoJogrel 8 months ago
Depending on your health situation, a loan may be difficult to get. You have to be able to prove you can pay it back.
Zushakar 7 months ago
Damn, that's messed up.
Kigara 7 months ago
Unfortunately you live on a state where the lottery is NOT earmarked for education Only it is transferred to the state treasury... And squandered.
Shaktiran 7 months ago
Agreed. Rachel shouldn't have been the prize. Ross's growth as a person should have been the reward.
Faekasa 7 months ago
You could have just said "I don't know".
Zolocage 7 months ago
As if that matters. Not sure I wanna send a female into a theatre where there is risk of capture by Islamists, which appears to be almost any engagement we foresee. Let?s get real, here.
Kazrabei 7 months ago
"Russian claims to victory ... questionable at best."
Zulurisar 7 months ago
Then you mean the universe as we know it. The current scientific thinking is that the laws of gravity opt for spontaneous creation.
Gardashura 7 months ago
but her balloon knot was squeaky clean!!
Yozshugor 7 months ago
A sanetized version of Church history comes up a lot. They don't discuss polygamy much, because it isn't practiced anymore.
Zolosar 7 months ago
but you cannot prove that so your original statement is false
Voodoozilkree 6 months ago
True, if you resist that is legit.
Zura 6 months ago
The so called big bang did not create a conscious being.
Volmaran 6 months ago
You mean the one I've already answered?
Dujas 6 months ago
I love your dogs!
Zololrajas 5 months ago
The simplest answer of course is that their god created this fish-o-dile at the same time as Man, dinosaurs, canine-specific lice, trilobites and all the rest of Creation - and these simply died off. That's why there are none now. Maybe because humans ate them all 5,950 years ago as was their due, having been granted custodianship over all life on Earth.
Tygomuro 5 months ago
I have been looking around at jobs to see whats out there and there are a lot of jobs but they are really underpaid. And the weird thing is there are TONS of applicants for these really crappy jobs. I live in Denver and maybe its just our city because millions of millenials have and are moving here. But this is not what I think of when I think of good, stable employment. Maybe these jobs can afford to offer such low wages because there are so many people flooding this particular market. Millenials also dont need health insurance because they are on their parents health insurance until they are 26. So companies are saying we will offer you $100 a month towards health insurance. But instead of decent health insurance we provide snacks. Snacks? So yeah unemployment is low but these jobs suck and you need 2 of them to be able to afford to live in Denver. I would be interested to hear what your community looks like because I think the job picture is more than just low employment.

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