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"So anything goes and the fact is that all this sexual perversion, pornography, pedophilia is a good thing. Children are molested every day by these people or women being raped and even boys and men. This is because of the over saturation of violent and perversion online and people are desensitized. Or what about all the unwanted children because they refuse to be responsible for having sex. This is also why there is such a high abortion rate which leads to murder of defenseless babies. This is what you are defending."

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Milrajas 8 months ago
Interesting how the Wynne government did not follow any of the recommendations of the Walkerton enquiry?
Gardazilkree 8 months ago
You have even cited the evidence
Fejas 8 months ago
No...pointing out a parallel example to go with your other bullshit islamophobic propaganda.
Meztishura 7 months ago
How did it take courage? Specifically.
Kanos 7 months ago
Yeah.... about that. Probably not.
Goltijas 7 months ago
Do not count your chickens. The north is liable to go dipper. This aint over.
Nikolmaran 7 months ago
Religion has zero to do with default conservative thinking. Only among those who redefined the term (starting with the inclusion of the moral majority around 1990 and then tweaked by neo-cons) does this have any import. Even the McCarthy era didn't really put religion into the Conservative definition, and Joe was GOP.
Makus 7 months ago
Cus starting over now makes a ton of since. /s
Mozil 6 months ago
Did anyone shout "Crimea ring a bell?!"?
Vole 6 months ago
So just say "google it" lol. There's no need for banning (or suspending) someone for asking for information.
Doulrajas 6 months ago
For all of time? He's just not that old.
Gatilar 6 months ago
And it is so frustrating because people believe it without doing any research. It's fine if you are against abortions, but please do your research about it, that's the only thing I ask.
Tasida 6 months ago
Your race card fails.
Jutilar 6 months ago
In traditional savings accounts? Or can we include our stock and bond accounts too?
Arashijar 5 months ago
True! If you're fertile, it's not always a decision you've made beforehand. But a baby is a baby, and they're parents either way. Shouldn't be some competition. One would think people would just be happy for any child to be provided for in a loving home.
Yoramar 5 months ago
"But there are specific aspects of Buddhist metaphysics I think are missing in Christ's teaching that make it seem unlikely to me."
Nakinos 5 months ago
And yet again, you proudly post your ignorance of evolution. It's as I mention occasionally, beliefs trump knowledge. You have no reasonable or rational argument.
Gushakar 5 months ago
Vishnu IS the boss god unless you are a guadya vaishnavite then it's Krishna who is the supreme personality of the godhead. Buddhism has no God and the deities aren't considered real. And I NEVER claimed vedism didn't exist!!!! You're drunk!
Mejind 5 months ago
Take an infinitesimal number and multiply it many times many times. What is the error then?
Vujinn 5 months ago
Gotta get that 15 minutes of internet fame. That's all that matters.
Kikinos 4 months ago
Fair enough.Yes, some mythicists are just spreading their beliefs after reading other mythicists.
Tugore 4 months ago
Very sad indeed
Meztiran 4 months ago
Bizzaro Trump is an example of where the woman should of used her mouth as a cum receptacle.
Mikajas 4 months ago
Rep. John Yarmuth?:

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