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416 04:011 year ago

"That is bull and you know it. 90% of the comments here are from atheists demanding proof of God. And you know it."

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I smiled back. I crawled over on my hands and knee's (which I think she really liked) and she brought her pussy to the chair edge. I pulled her towards me and dug my tongue into rdmedies crevice, tasting her musk.

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That's Honsy good thing - not bad. "OH MY GOD. It's not that I don't think about men or have romantic and even sexual thoughts - I do, of course. The two hands carried all our luggage into the big house.

When she sat up to remove her top I told her let me do it. He fucked her hard and fast" "Oh God darling I can feel your prick going in and out" Julie gasped as Timmy fucked her.

" "Will?" "Yeah, Blane?" "You okay, you and Pierce look kinda, uh, scared?" "No, don't worry, we're fine, Blane. Troy started off in small hard strokes, which drove me crazy.

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Mizuru 1 year ago
She wants to wear body parts of the dude and bathe in his blood?
Kezragore 1 year ago
Oh, that is wonderful!
JoJogor 1 year ago
Kill people who don?t listen to priests (Deuteronomy 17:12)
Disar 1 year ago
Infallible? Unintelligible, more like. It makes no sense, and when you point that out people say that you just aren't reading it correctly. In that case, it wasn't written so I could understand it. Infallible but Unintelligible.
Votaur 1 year ago
We're not talking about suggestions or science fiction, we're talking about the well supported model which says, the time has a beginning which means there was NOTHING physical before it.
Gakasa 11 months ago
hey there,stranger ;)
Tojagore 11 months ago
You seem to be ignorant of the traditional guru-disciple relationship of vedic culture about which I speak.
Muran 11 months ago
Melli, I removed the "silly" comment: was there anything else? As I see it, the rest is factual: we are talking about the lives of people here, so this is a serious discussion. Thank you.
Dujinn 11 months ago
There isn't a lifestyle. No gay lifestyle. Just as there's no straight lifestyle.
Shakazilkree 11 months ago
Yeah, they're practically applauded for having "game" if they sleep with a lot of women.
Yoshura 10 months ago
That's not what it's about. Jesus did sacrifice himself so that who so ever believes in him and the miracle of his resurrection to have the chance to be saved. It's not a get out of jail free card... We aren't supposed to just go against the teachings every day, and then pray at night for forgiveness to have a clean slate. It doesn't work like that. The why is more important than the what. Why you do something, and the truth in your heart is far more important than what you're actually doing. You could be going up on the pulpit, and preaching to the masses, but if your motivation is money, then you are spreading the word in sin, not in love, which is definitely bad in ours, and God's eyes. I am a devout little Christian. God saved my family... And I've seen my own personal miracles. My faith is strong, but I am also a very open-minded person, which makes being faithful a lot more difficult.
Kazragar 10 months ago
Your god's "authority" is written in the same collection of myths which makes the claim that it exists.
Zolotilar 10 months ago
What were those "very good economic numbers Trump inherited..."?
Nikosar 9 months ago
Excuse me but boys don't see women as 'flowers'. They see them as objects there for their amusement and pleasure. And this starts with men and fathers. Did you hear about Meghan Merkle and when she was a kid they heard a commercial about soap that talked about women washing dishes? She talks about how the boys in the glass smirked and said, "yeah, that's where women belong." Those boys weren't saying that because of their own views. They were saying that because that is the views of their fathers and of a society that does not value women.
Akibei 9 months ago
Sincerity doesn't make it legal. Even if it was a legitimate "Ministry," tax evasion is illegal.
Gahn 9 months ago
what if they mispronounced it like mary-jah-wanna
Tojalmaran 9 months ago
Not at all, it just meant: Christian poetry is a contribution to poetry, Christian philosophy a contribution to philosophy, etc.
Gardalkree 9 months ago
The opposition is all summed up by Paul at the end of 1 Corinthians;
Akinosho 9 months ago
Do the ol switcharoo (have someone order one to your specifications then add anything additional to it)?
JoJojind 9 months ago
I have body shamed folks and have been body shamed. I know that it's a struggle for some people to get healthy because of genetics and no access to get the help they need to be healthy. We do not know the story on why a person is over or underweight. Many factors contribute to this issue. It's sad that most folks don't come to this realization.
Kazragal 9 months ago
Yes, bless your heart. You've projected your own foibles upon someone else.
Vudotilar 8 months ago
Are you saying that you don't believe everything in your Bible, litteraly?
Dirg 8 months ago
I wonder if this is clear enough...
Mazuk 8 months ago
They also swept the #1 seed but I guess that means nothing. Conjecture never makes for a strong argument.

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