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"But then this OP is about choosing abortion, or being allowed to choose abortion, in the hypothetical case of determining sexual orientation in utero."

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TransSensual Girl Punished by Hung TS Boss

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Groran 1 year ago
I don't want a return to Jim Crow.
Kagrel 1 year ago
Oh boy, you sure are feeling frisky today aren't you? This should be interesting.
Tek 1 year ago
And they also did not want the religious to force their beliefs upon non-believers.
Yozshukus 1 year ago
If you're polar opposite to me on life issues, or political ones that have extreme influences, we're not going to be close friends. I have to basically like someone to accept their friendship. That said, I do have friends who disagree with me on things, but not to a paramount degree.
Tesida 11 months ago
At least the Cosby supporters won't get to complain that nothing had happened to Weinstein. They will just move on to another white man.
Malazshura 11 months ago
This article is about a creator, not God. And, it's not about your belief, but about your certainty.
Tajas 11 months ago
Your comment that, "It is impossible for Americans to reduce the surface temperatures of the planet" is unclear/misleading. It is like saying it is impossible for a person with a can of gasoline and a match to cool your house. That is true. But he can certainly prevent it from heating up dramatically by not setting it on fire.
Arashisar 11 months ago
Started last year, although I don't know if it's all locations or just some of them.
Vura 10 months ago
No, people are not. Let's hope he's cleanes up his act a bit.
Yozshucage 10 months ago
I'm impressed you made it in tonight at all!
Zulkigis 10 months ago
A typical piece of ignorant lefty hack nonsense! "The whole World"? What an uneducated statement......Do let us in on how the Chinese; Indians and the entire Continent of Africa view the incredibly thick lefty moron!
Grogor 10 months ago
Yep. I know. We are debating. You have yours and I have mine. But see this. Our concepts have a guiding on the way we are living. So we need to be confronted with other concepts. This way the wise can choose the better one. We can not close our eyes for other concepts because we fear of being wrong. I for one would be happy to find a better concept as the fear of finding it might rob me of it.
Voodoozshura 10 months ago
The idea that the scientific method is the only way to truth.
Akilmaran 9 months ago
I don't know what a "no-contact rule" is, but I have a feeling it's what people used to call "breaking up"?
Faekora 9 months ago
People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to affect, but actually, from a non-linier, non subjective point of view it is more like a big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey...stuff
Daicage 9 months ago
Evidence of what? Relation?
Kigabar 9 months ago
I'm curious. What nationality are you? What is your interest in American politics?
Najinn 9 months ago
Our plans are not that different, the main difference is you want the to self deport, move their family (if they have one), lose their job, go through some process out of country, and then eventually come back.
Mazugrel 8 months ago
A very apt response to the discussion title.
Goltirg 8 months ago
What did we pervert and why should we be bound to the ideas of men from 2000 years ago?
Zolozshura 8 months ago
Why do you assume the negative? I know a good bit about biology, actually.
Mijora 8 months ago
I have a friend that changed his life. Is his wife a god?
Mushicage 8 months ago
WTF did I just watch?
Daigul 7 months ago
Incidentally I'm not a Peterson fan - I don't trust anyone who willingly worked for the UN.
Vujas 7 months ago
I do not know whether the particular verse is speaking only to Jesus' disciples or not. Do you? It seems possible to me that it is, but I don't know.
Kigakus 7 months ago
They all voted Trump.
Daim 7 months ago
I forget what we have so far.
Kigalkis 7 months ago
Who does that? You test it against history...many Sep accounts
Yozshukora 7 months ago
1. If we are talking about a small group of well educated people then the noble lie will probably fail. You need a large group including gullible people to start a myth, and based on the people left in you scenario I just don;t see that happening.
Tojaran 6 months ago
You can make up the fantasy that no one, including yourself, has a subjective inner life with all its qualia. Which would make everyone a zombie. If we have an inner life, we also have inner experiences that do not derive from external sources mediated by the senses. However, you seem to be claiming that you have never had such an experience. Which is a sketchy claim to begin with.
Dagar 6 months ago
Your new living room layout looks dashing
Balkis 6 months ago
As opposed to believing through your atheistic faith that human existence is pointless, morality is subjective, and that everything just appeared from nothing. Spending your days griping about a God you dont believe in, talking ill of people you dont know thus self ostracizing away from normal functioning society?, yeah, no.. I think ill keep my "relationship issues".
Fenrigami 5 months ago
They don't understand that "feelings" are nothing but meaningless chemical reactions.
Shaktim 5 months ago
I see we have another winner here. Yeah, go talk to Denis Hastert, Roy Moore and your asshole buddies in the church.

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