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"I know about the different manuscript copies of the New Testament writings (as you refer to as the "diverse and significantly different versions of that book.""

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One of the temp secrataries was filling in for Kaye today so I knew I would get what paper work I had left done. "Hi I'm from Virginia U. I placed my hand on his and squeezed it lightly, offering a sympathetic smile.

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Gujar 1 year ago
Sperm and Eggs are not a "stage" of "growth". They are a stage of species propagation. Unless they form a viable fetus. At that point all of the required DNA and chemicals are present to grow a human. UP to that point all you have are catalysts which individually can't make a human.
Tulkree 1 year ago
Religion has zero to do with default conservative thinking. Only among those who redefined the term (starting with the inclusion of the moral majority around 1990 and then tweaked by neo-cons) does this have any import. Even the McCarthy era didn't really put religion into the Conservative definition, and Joe was GOP.
JoJomuro 1 year ago
I found light up bows, they were a fun hit with my nephews and niece, and they are color changing. I put one on only the best gift for them, the rest were regular bows.
Nekree 1 year ago
I doubt it. He's going to be driven to increasingly dictatorial behavior as Mueller gets closer to indictments of people closer to him.
Mezijind 1 year ago
Mucage 1 year ago
No. But I'll tell you what? I don't care to keep going back and forth with you. Believe it is just don't put it down on an answer for any test.
Dounris 1 year ago
Right. As in "assuming a can opener?"
Zulutaur 11 months ago
"Read a lot" that's the main ingredient. If you assume "You know science" and deny climate change based on your conservative views, you are an imbecille. Or if you deny it simply because you are a Rught Winger, like Republican politicians will say, "I'm not a scientist but I don't believe", then you are an imbecille.
Daimuro 11 months ago
I did not watch the wedding but my wife did. One wedding for me is the same as the other
Maukazahn 11 months ago
And seeing as I did not do that, do you have a point?
Zuluzshura 11 months ago
BAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! You gotta go to the next girls trip!! I'm so serious!
Shaktigal 11 months ago
In the words of Dr. Phil: And how's that working out for you?
Takree 10 months ago
The only responsiblity Christians have are the ones within their control, one of them is displaying tolerance. Christians do not have to respect laws, lifestyles, opinions, pov's, cultures, behaviors etc that do not align with their own Christian traditions and values.
Zolobar 10 months ago
You do not need ANY religion to have care or concern for the future of our species. Religion does not constitute good moral behavior. So why then would we assume its needed to have morals?
Megal 10 months ago
Did the thief take your high end yoga pants?
Mikakasa 10 months ago
I have no problem with an additional gender neutral bathroom, I think this is a great idea and its already being implemented in several schools. I have a problem with this:
Kelar 10 months ago
See what I mean?
Mikahn 9 months ago
Morality is a hierarchy. At bottom there are the rules necessary for being a social animal, which is what we are. Thus every human society has rules against murder and theft. At the next level are the rules necessary for how a particular society makes its living. The higher level rules for Eskimo whale hunters are different than for Sahara camel drivers because they have to be. The final level are rules that society agrees upon. Agreement takes reason. This set of higher rules can tolerate some pluralism in rules; that is, more than one set of rules some of which contradict. Finally there is ethics, how the individual applies morality. Nowhere in this hierarchy of moral rules is God a necessary condition.
Dikree 9 months ago
I might agree with you on this point if mental health were treated more seriously in the U.S.A but quite often it goes completely undiagnosed.
Gojar 9 months ago
"What if you're not fat enough? That seems to be the point of the exercise."
Goltikasa 9 months ago
Kagakree 9 months ago
You can keep your doctor.
Kesida 8 months ago
In that particular protest, you are correct. But do you want to talk about the ant-Jewish movement in Black Lives Matter? We can go farther back to Jessie Jackson's Hymie Town comment... the contempt he felt for the Jewish children who risked their lives to sit with him at the "whites only" counter was palpable.
Mozshura 8 months ago
I used to watch Creflo Dollar on TV. What a hoot. But you have to admire this god-fearing, humble man. He has or had three Rolls Royces so he is obviously a master of his game.
Aratilar 8 months ago
Your OP compares historical Jesus with historical Abraham.
Zulkigal 8 months ago
You are speculating on what you think will happen. The failure rate of Trump predictions is very close to 100 percent.
Mogor 8 months ago
No I draw the line at conning
Maulrajas 8 months ago
No it?s not. Part of reading is holding a book and touching the pages. Not just staring at a screen
Mezijar 8 months ago
Only fools think this PM isn't an idiot. Thank the Lord most Canadians are realizing this and getting ready to punt this idiot. His gaffes keep adding up but you fanboys think you can sweep it under the rug. Wynne got away with it for 15 years and she is going to get her ass handed to her today, and that will spread to our PM in failure.
Vudoshicage 7 months ago
Do you mean extramarital?
Mikagar 7 months ago
My son just said, as we?re taking a break from pinball and video games, ?Daddy, this is the best day in the history of the world.?
Nesida 7 months ago
What one does for a living and how well they do it qualifies as 'action'. An 'action' is defined in the vedas as an effort to achieve a specific result. Intelligence therefore wouldn't qualify as an action.

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