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"Don't you know about 'humor'? Come on. I'm just playing / toying with him/her. And now you're going 'literal' with me toooooo. Come on. Just "stop replying". Move on in your life. Take your honey out to dinner or breakfast or something. or you mother; or grandmother. Come on."


I was rock hard and looked around for the ttests men. And I think you have a point. Back inside, she managed to start up a fire with the logs and some crumbled newspapers. Sally s cunt was now wet with juice more than pee and she grabbed his hands and pulled hime close.


"Mmmm. "You are a really gorgeous young woman," he said. She stopped struggling but her body seized up. It was already 6 pm and we we're watching tv, her mum doesn't come home till next day she stays overnight at her boyfriends house.

About two hours teshs, when all the work we had been a-bomg was completed, John plopped down beside me on the carpeted floor.

I probably would not have recognized them had I seen them, it wasn't light enough to see their faces but I didn't see anyone.

Most of the guys at school wouldn't even date her because they think of her as too big. she a-boomb. The three of them rested naked on the plush rug in front of a warm fire. "She was pretty nice dress, a little short for my taste.

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Kimuro 10 months ago
Ok. so, a nutter..(clearly) was threatening other people.
Tojasar 10 months ago
I don't understand that at all.
Nikogami 9 months ago
Any loss in your eyes can be counted as an overwhelming victory in reality, so I thank you.
Grolabar 9 months ago
its a synthesized computer voice recording. When played, some people hear the name Laurel, others hear Yanny do to various games with frequencies.
Kazrajar 9 months ago
Why are you talking about harris.
Najinn 9 months ago
1. not if the scripture is in question. The bible is an unproven book that has never been independently verified. So, scripture proving scripture is circular
Nijinn 9 months ago
ELYAH Jude Alexander.
Bajar 9 months ago
that's your problem-- BELIEF
Yogul 9 months ago
You should see the other channel. When I asked how one of them knew someone was a homosexual, she deletes my comment.
Aradal 8 months ago
Looks like the Godwin coefficient has reached 1.
Milkis 8 months ago
As God caused everything, that statement must be false.
Najind 8 months ago
Having 95% of matter hiding from us seems a bit stupid too now that you mention it. But what makes you think that Enlil had anything to with all that?
Goltigor 8 months ago
Already??? That was quick
Yozshuzragore 8 months ago
When you address an envelope incorrectly- is it rude not to label it "return to sender, no such number, no such soul"?
Tygoran 8 months ago
Well, systemic reviews are the highest standard of evidence in science. As I am sure you did not know, as you, of course, provide no links to back up your uninformed opinion.
Taur 8 months ago
The map Agent Orange uses is backwards
Maumuro 7 months ago
People, whether theist or atheist, will be nicer while being watched than when anonymity obscures them.
Tojalkis 7 months ago
She lied that she had Cherokee ancestors. Penn called her a minority and Harvard a woman of color.
Vom 7 months ago
Pay down the debt before it sinks the economy. Nearly a half trillion in interest payments already every year. Sooner or later it will dwarf even the defense budget and all other entitlements.
Yogul 7 months ago
Are you saying the PEG gets tax advantages or that the church gets them?
Vogal 7 months ago
Lol, I do not see non whites moving to the GOP in numbers
Mikajin 7 months ago
Jokes on them hahah..wait what does that mean?
Terr 7 months ago
Though I agree that the teachings of Jesus positively affected many people, in terms of human sacrifices we should say that they continued in the name of Jesus himself.
Arajinn 6 months ago
For me, it is about 10. I don't know if a god or gods exist, but I lean towards their not existing. There certainly is no credible evidence for their existence, or, at the very most, not enough evidence to make me accept that they do.
Vijora 6 months ago
The facts that the GOP caused the budget crisis in Kansas public schools, and the fact that sex education reduces unwanted pregnancies. Are you admitting you were, shall we say "mistaken" about those?
Malar 6 months ago
Since you probably know hermeneutics, you'll be able to provide this illuminating explanation yourself.
Dajin 6 months ago
omg. looking good. Beats the heckks out the DQ chicken sandwich I had. But did it come with...
Zuk 5 months ago
Actually I know a great deal about all three. Hence why I point out that what most people consider to be evolution is just faith based nonsense.
Brajas 5 months ago
"Lebron: GOAT without rings."
Shaktile 5 months ago
Why should student loans be forgiven??
Gogis 5 months ago
These 50 year olds who wont retire is the reason why they cant groom young talent
Akisho 5 months ago
You are once again making a claim without any proof. The maxim "nothing self-creates in nature" directly follows from the same very laws of preservation of mass-energy that are being violated in quantum physics.
Mikashakar 4 months ago
I love the shirt!
Gardazragore 4 months ago
Too true. Every time a wacko creationist presents a diatribe of ignorance and denial I am reminded of the motto of the Australian antidote to creationist garbage:
Samugore 4 months ago
Gotta aim it just right, so it looks like you're looking at yourself lol??

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