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"So your place came out unscathed?"

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They showered and fell asleep on Julies bed and hardly moved in the night. "Do you remember my name?" Supergirl struggled against my hand, clutching her soft neck, and she even tried to bite me.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Supergirl asked.

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Kelli, adds "She wants to see your dick. He messaged her if all was ok. It happened one Saturday in September when her parents where at the State Fair in Capitol City. I enjoyed it, and knowing I was unfaithful to my husband with an Indian guy turned me on even more.

Honest. Fortunately, my parents were incredibly supportive and suprisingly non-judgmental, but they did kind of press me to contact the father and try to get support from him.

Colleen turned on the TV and the girls gathered around the set ready to watch anything they could find. Jo got up and sucked my cum and her cousin's ass juice off my cock.

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Taujind 10 months ago
Obama extended the bush tax cuts...Nice try though....
Mezibar 10 months ago
Planes haven't flown into buildings at all in the past 15 years. Why are you raising that as an issue?
Dodal 10 months ago
How much government regulation do you want in our lives?
Kacage 10 months ago
Some people need their heads examined.
Goltijin 9 months ago
You have access to your own comment trail. Check yo'self.
Dit 9 months ago
The marmite-loving mods will get cross if I change the OP.
Tegal 9 months ago
Very well. Good day.
Temi 9 months ago
or, you simply refuse to believe what someone tells you.. Perhaps that's a reflection of your biases.
Gardalkree 9 months ago
Yes, you are right. Scientist are able to detect significant brain differences between a normal functioning brain and a mentally ill brain.
Kajisar 8 months ago
the straw for my smoothie is cracked :[ first world problems. i'm about to buy that metal straw keychain.
Fecage 8 months ago
Ah yes, Psalms 22:17.
Tonos 8 months ago
In my humble opinion :
Dutaur 8 months ago
The best question I can think of is, if 98% of all species have gone extinct before man had any impact, how can one argue that they were intelligently designed?
Vobar 8 months ago
"definitely supernatural" How did you determine this? We have no access to the supernatural.
Taubei 7 months ago
Thank you. That's a good understanding. Had PW asserted:
Brarn 7 months ago
But you're not getting healthy for you, you're doing it to avoid being bullied or to please others. Those kinds of results usually aren't lasting.
Mahn 7 months ago
You saying Jesus did not exist as a human being? Okay. You think Philo and a less disputed mention in Josephus not only carries more weight for the existence of those others, but makes it most likely that Jesus didn?t exist? Fine. I think that?s pretty far-fetched. Seems to me that requires a pretty airtight conspiracy theory and a number of psychotic martyrs. But we can agree to disagree.
Tell 7 months ago
You have neither the ability nor the calling to determine the quality of a Christian. To believe you are capable of understanding the will of God to the point that you have been given responsibility to identify true believers is incredibly prideful.
Kigalabar 7 months ago
This is not
Fer 6 months ago
Historians don't write history by saying, "Oh, this source is tainted, so I'm going to ignore and dismiss it." Instead, we ask, "What can I learn about the past by studying this artifact that comes from it?" The Bible is a historical artifact like any other. Just because it isn't what believers claim it is doesn't mean there's nothing to learn about the past from it, or that it somehow constitutes inadmissible evidence in a historical debate.

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