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"And... We all believe. It's just that some of us reject the gods or a god, or God, or even GOD, that we believe in!"

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I worked her already creamy pussy over, tasting her juices as she moaned and rubbed my back. " She pushed me under the flowing water and handed cucked the bottle of shampoo.

"Want to make this baseball game ever more interesting?" Nate looked up with a sheepish grin on his face. I had just turned 18 and it was my first time going to an adult theater. He didn't want to seduce her until she was 18 in fear of going to jail and losing his job.

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,atino thought that guy. He was tall though, and skinny.

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Bagor 1 year ago
i suppose that he is that omni thing, only he is benign somewhat... he does not relate to those who are the natural born sons of Satan..
Akinojinn 11 months ago
Galerius has a bad rap thanks to Constantine and Lactantius. He actually tried to steer his own government away from persecuting Christians, but was rewritten as a persecutor by Constantine to justify seizing power from him.
Kigajas 11 months ago
I agree we should jail those who hire them
Kegal 11 months ago
Oh no, you misunderstand! When I--unlike many on here--say I haven't seen something I don't automatically assume that it is untrue or never happens. It means only that I haven't seen it.
Tauktilar 11 months ago
Do tell. How are Dems far more interested in law or even patriotism than in maintaining power?
Tygomi 10 months ago
Score! I'm so glad you liked it. ????
Karamar 10 months ago
No job or education but has rights to gain weight
Vorisar 10 months ago
Please google straw man. You are confused on the definition.
Shakakus 10 months ago
We'll alert TSA that you're coming.
Grojin 10 months ago
Not valid. Show me the law that stops a black person from buying a property. Show me.
Shalar 10 months ago
I am not longer religious, and consider myself an atheist (agnostic atheist).
Tygolkis 9 months ago
Nothing to do with likes...
Zulum 9 months ago
Pardoning someone for a non-violent drug offense while his DOJ is hell bent on making sure every grandmother, vet and patient who smokes pot for medicinal purposes is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
JoJor 9 months ago
Many think god influenced "Dark Side of the Moon" I like this OP.
Zuluzahn 9 months ago
Yes misery index, it is the unemployment rate added to the interest rate and it was talked about quite often while Carter was in office, must have been BEFORE your time! 70% of US GDP is consumer driven so allowing people to keep and thus spend MORE of what they EARN INCREASES GDP! Raising taxes as demoRATS do slows GDP growth!
Yozshushakar 9 months ago
This is something the religious do too mind, boxing all atheists into a box as if we're all Richard Dawkins. Everyone is guilty of generalising in some way. Everyone here is a hypocrite in some measure.
Goltisar 8 months ago
Anyone who actually thinks they need to make such a reply deserves that appellation more than I. Whereas I was making a point of history that VERY FEW apparently knew. Including you.
Gardagor 8 months ago
'Cause if you can dodge paying taxes, the next thing you want to do is get away from paying rent!
Brabar 8 months ago
My roommate and I have used this approach in the past. We both suffer from anxiety issues so when we really get into opposing sides of an argument, that really flares up and it's not healthy for either of us. So we'd rather end the conversation prematurely and spare ourselves the unnecessary anxiety.
Sakora 8 months ago
Yeah, I saw you were just getting started. ??
Mocage 7 months ago
You don't know what health risks you'll encounter by being pregnant until you are pregnant.
Tegal 7 months ago
Temptations because of scarce resources and multiple options will no longer face us. The time of testing will be completed and finished. All will know what is right, good, perfect.
Brakazahn 7 months ago
Isaiah 25:6. No reference to heaven in this passage. It concerns Israel, not the nations. The nations, or Gentiles, are goyim in Hebrew. It is not found in verse 6.
Kazahn 6 months ago
I can not put my finger on it... Is it the hats or the mustaches?
Nazshura 6 months ago
"The whole of my life has led me to this moment". People have always been saying that or its equivalent. Look, I consider the life and times of Jesus to have been largely fictionalized for political purposes.
Sajin 6 months ago
It's not a belief scale. It's a certainty scale. How are you so certain there's no
Dourg 6 months ago
If you want to, go for it.
Vom 6 months ago
That was just downright petty and disrespectful. She ought to be grateful that you went through the trouble to get the place clean before y'all came back. Let her know that her pettiness about "how dirty the house was to her" was hurtful and completely uncalled for. If she doesn't respect your feelings, she can kick rocks. That's it, that's all.

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