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"American nativists in the 1800s used to say the same thing about Irish immigrants and, later, Italian, Polish, German, et al."

Petite Chinese with a Perfect Bald Pussy 2

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Petite Chinese with a Perfect Bald Pussy 2

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Bagrel 11 months ago
Specifically what lies?
Ferisar 11 months ago
It's the pickpocketing of your erstwhile patients that will get you in hot water.
Mikashicage 11 months ago
Spiderman isn't God.
Meztibar 10 months ago
That's a common argument made in defense of Acts being a 1st-century document, and it had me convinced for a long time. The answer is that Acts "lacks an ending" for the same reason Mark "lacks an ending:" to proceed further in the narrative would have taken the author into theological territory that was outside the scope of what each author was trying to convey with his narrative.
Julmaran 10 months ago
True. Especially if they aren?t cool anymore
Zologar 10 months ago
If you were in a fast car parked in a sexy spot in the woods, how would you start her engine?
Zulkik 10 months ago
The state is made up of people, and the state does have authority over people as well.
Tekus 9 months ago
Been there... Got the T-Shirt, lol
Yozuru 9 months ago
So you are delusional enough to actually think you know God and the rest of us should just take your word for it?
Zugrel 9 months ago
I'd say you've got a hell of a strawman there... but reliably on these boards someone will come along and propose just that.
Gugor 9 months ago
I've never understood that idea that Christianity was invented by a bunch of religious people just consolidating power. It doesn't make sense when you see how they still refused to turn away from Christ even when they were tortured and killed slowly. If it was all a lie made for power, then those who told the lie would die such painful deaths for it if they could avoid it.
Sale 8 months ago
How does one believe in "truth"? What is the alternative--believing in "false"? The truth must be demonstrable to all who ask for verification. If you go to a bar and say "Well, the truth is, I have ID that shows I am over 21, however you must first BELIEVE and have absolute FAITH that I am 21 before I can verify it" do you think you are going to get in?
Doumuro 8 months ago
The definition of arbitrary also says ?or personal whim?

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