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"Law and Order, and Healthcare are two separate things."

Film Crew Fucks when the Cameras arent Rolling

What he had taken to be a shadow detached itself from the wall. Peacefully, in her sleep.

I gasp. " That was so good. "Take a seat; now what can I get you to drink". Maybe I should just give him gacial call. " "Oh my god, what is it now?" "Well, since Plzza was on sale, they're not taking anything back.

It felt so scandalous to have this happen where we eat. Seventeen year old boy scouts had to go through gruelling training that made their bodies amazing, and since they had an "honour code" they were never douchebags. She ended up in front of me in line. "I'm listening," Mr. My new position made it possible for V to pull my cock from Torre's tight vice of a pussy and shove it down her throat.

She looked at Sallys dung on the lavatory faciao on the floor and on Sallys arse. I check to make sure his eyes are closed and then kiss him softly one more time. I pounded into her fcial way that I probably should have the first time.

As the last of it left me and entered her I felt weak in the legs and slid down to the shower floor.

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Mura 1 year ago
Serial killers in the U.S. by highest number of victims : Gary Ridgeway, heterosexual, 49-90 victims; Ted Bundy, heterosexual, 36 victims; John Wayne Gacy, homosexual, 33 victims; Dean Corll, homosexual, 28 victims; Juan Corona, bisexual, 25 victims; Ronald Dominique, homosexual, 23 victims; Patrick Kearney, homosexual 21-43 victims; William Bonin, homosexual, 21-36 victims; Larry Eyler, homosexual, 19-23 victims; Paul John Knowles, heterosexual, 18-25 victims. That's more thn half that are homosexual, yet gays make up only ten percent of the population ? (And I'm gay and not religious).
Balabar 11 months ago
Society is changing on that. Why should it be expected the guy asks anymore?
Meztijin 11 months ago
Go back home then. When you begin to reject and deny science lol, the very foundation your faith evo screams to sit, perched above all other fields...well, you know you guys have morphed into a cult. You reject you reject observable science and your own biologists stance. Why?
Nir 11 months ago
Haha! I think the insult started with "This is a really stupid OP."
Goltihn 11 months ago
I didn?t say anything about them being found
Kigazilkree 11 months ago
It is very obvious that Trump really likes countries run by people like Putin and Kim Jong Un. He likes tough hard handed people who says do as I say not as I do. He likes Kings, dictators and Oligarchs.
Mausar 11 months ago
My favorite quote which sums up the state of the liberal prospective:
Ketilar 11 months ago
You got documents to prove you have rights from God. Otherwise you are an undocumented citizen of the USA. Like the rest of us.
Nikodal 10 months ago
Just for context, I work in accounting, so I get to see what's really going on in these institutions behind the curtain and yes they do. There's a reason why private equity groups do this....because there are multiple ways to get their money back and then some. Due to the IRS rules, they are allowed to only take back so much to repay the investment, as well as for "management fees", etc...but they purchase the property, which builds a multi-million dollar asset. Once this is paid back, everything after that is gravy on top for them, which is taken through management fees, marketing fees, consulting fees, or just straight up rent. Have you ever heard of a "mega church"? These weren't built by private donations....or by the church members, or even the church itself....they could only afford it through a PEG and they would only invest in this....if there was money to be made, which they do. Don't let the "not for profit" label fool you, the excess money has to go somewhere and only so much is required for charity, the rest gets "balanced" through basically increasing "fees" to the PEG.
Meztisar 10 months ago
Okay, taking several steps back:
Kazrazilkree 10 months ago
You're joking. You already KNOW the process and the mechanism, but your radical literalism impels you to reject the evidence a priori. That's the nature of fundamentalism. Facts, even reality itself, must be distorted, twisted, bent, and even shattered in order to preserve the purported truth of the Great Myth.
Kijas 10 months ago
What if that person's "god" is Allah? We have a 1st Amendment that Congress can make
Zulkilrajas 10 months ago
We all come from our parents who came from... all the way back to the first life on earth. We are not here for any particular reason and when we die we will be dead, that's it, the end for each of us. Religion is just a prop for those who find this frightening. I am older than you and can face up to this.
Vojind 10 months ago
Or it could be revealed as superstition just like every other religion you don't believe in. You're not the first person to say something like this to be proven wrong and you won't be the last
Taut 9 months ago
It wouldn't solve the problem.
Kisida 9 months ago
I was tempted to be like harmless even though the person wants nothing to do with you but purchases can give someone your location
Mijin 9 months ago
What would be an appropriate punishment for me if I'd walk up to your child and cut her/his earlobe off? It's mutilation in both cases, it's a permanent but minor damage. And if I could claim a religion that has a millennia old tradition of cutting off earlobes it would be exactly the same thing. Same thing, same punishment.
Vora 9 months ago
Ha! Reminds me of our German culture orientation we had when we arrived at post in Germany. Had a group, they had a black man kiss a white girl and then asked how we all felt about that. When they got to me I said the only thing that bothered me is they were kissing in public. Being a bit amazed he group facilitator asked why and I replied "My mom would point out the people who were holding hands in public."
Arashilrajas 9 months ago
Absolutely, it also seeps into our politicians. In America politicians contend that there should be separation of church and state, how many times do we see religious convictions and political issues intersect in such a way that religion cannot possibly be separated from the state?
Faezuru 9 months ago
Someone want popcorn?
Dujinn 9 months ago
Trust me, I already know; I used to want to be too. My point is that if it's such a huge issue, you most likely care more about getting married than you do about your SO.
Mezigal 9 months ago
Some Christians condemn it, some do not.
Tetilar 8 months ago
What does being white have to do with it? You'll find some very fundamentalist Christians in places like Uganda.
Bagal 8 months ago
No... Sales are out back of the building.
Jutilar 8 months ago
I feel we should pay 2% of our GDP or whatever the NATO standard is, and we can easily find the money in the existing 300$ billion the federal government spends each year.
Jugrel 7 months ago
Someone not a self-centered narcissist like yourself, apparently. Some people actually fight and die for principles that don't directly benefit themselves.
Zulabar 7 months ago
Apparently you don?t, FR. Even a grade 9 physics class could tell something cant come into existence by creating itself.
Mauzshura 7 months ago
There are bad people in every group.
Metaur 7 months ago
While I agree that talk like this is nasty, I am of the opinion to let bad ideas air themselves they tend to die in the light. Free speech is not dependent on human decency, Free speech exists for the nasty and vile purveyors of garbage for the sole purpose of giving everyone a voice. The free market of ideas will weed out the garbage and retain the value. If you place limits on free speech, bad ideas will fester in secret.

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