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"Eat a bag of whale shit, you boring, predictable, uneducated trailer park fag. You're only smart enough to say the same stupid shit over and over, and it isn't even good in the first place, like your mom's two dollar head. Fuck off back to Tumblr, little bitch, and let the grownups talk."


She's getting way into it". "Enjoy your stay downstairs," she said to him. Same place.


It's not like you have room to talk. Once he did, I began to Trip,e his face, hard and fast. I realized these girls would do whatever I asked of them so I knew what I wanted.

"Oh God, keep going," Elsa panted. "Well what about this?" Elsa placed her whole hand on Anna's chest and Anna felt the cold begin to creep throughout her entire torso, from her breasts down to her waist and thighs.

The demon baby had actually been part of the nightmare. She decided to dress in her new unworn stockings and underwear just to feel them.

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Zolokazahn 10 months ago
The Eternal Now :-)
Doulkis 10 months ago
Well, from my pov, it's a meaningless word even if one can define it.
Kazrajind 10 months ago
Why would you even ask that? He's a cat. Of course he is. :)
Vira 10 months ago
No, he really can't refuse to do that. At all. But if you think so, name an example.
Faezil 9 months ago
i wonder if he will be selling hash in front of the provincial Parliament building?
Muk 9 months ago
Do you really need me to repeat your argument?
Vushicage 9 months ago
Getting back with an ex?! ERMAHGERD NO! EWWWWW! So gross. No freaking way. Nope. Only losers do that.
Kezilkree 9 months ago
Heaven is communist?!
Samushicage 9 months ago
This guy is getting whackier everyday. His stupidity is a danger to the world, not to mention the States.
Vir 9 months ago
There you go bring 6,000 year old superstitions as a solution to a problem they didn't know existed. Are you really such a backward thinker that you can't tolerate a women in trousers but have no problem with your pope in drag?
Gulkree 8 months ago
It's a rhetorical question and he's only pretending you should be able to answer. It's even punctuated by an exclamation point, not a question mark!
Groktilar 8 months ago
Don't ask it doesn't know.
JoJogami 8 months ago
middle east prophecy, much happening now

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